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4 Books on writing that have made me a better writer

books on writing that have made me a better writer


So many choices but these 4 books on writing have made me a better writer

With so many books out there on writing, it was hard to narrow it down to just four. I have read many books on writing, but these four that I have listed, have been the most helpful, the most inspiring and are the ones that get me excited to write.  I continually refer back to these books, for inspiration, reference, and a memory jolt. They have definitely made me a better writer.

“The Making of a Story” by Alice LaPlante

books on writing that have made me a better writer

This by far is my favorite of all books I have ever read on writing.  With 670 pages, nothing is left out. It is full of valuable information for any aspiring writer. Even experienced writers would appreciate this book.

Written by an English teacher and based on her fifteen years of teaching, this book is well written, well structured and very easy to understand and follow. Every part of writing a book is broken down from the very beginning to the end. Each chapter is concluded with valuable exercises that gets you eager to write. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is eager to learn the art of writing.

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Making of a Story by Alice LaPlante


“The Art of Fiction” by John Gardner

books on writing that have made me a better writer


This is one of the first books I brought on writing and remains one of my all time favorites today. Written by a teacher of creative writing based on his courses, John Gardner plots a novel from beginning to end. His explanations and advice have an amusing twist, making the book a pleasure to read.  The book concludes with some helpful fun exercises and a detailed index. Making it easy to find any particular subject easy to find. A great reference book that has a permanent place on my desk.

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The Art of Fiction by John Gardner


“Fiction Writer’s Workshop” By Josip Novakovich

books on writing that have made me a better writer


Whether you are a new writer or an experienced one looking to stretch your knowledge. This book is a valuable resource. Filled with informative examples, step by step instructions and 127 in depth exercises to get you to write. When I first started reading this book, the exercises helped me tremendously and opened doors that I would never have thought of. Often I go back and redo some of the exercises and still they help me today.

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Fiction Writer’s Workshop by Josip Novakovich


“Reading Like A Writer” by Francine Prose

books on writing that have made me a better writer


Being an avid reader, I bought this book to help change my reading habits. It helped immensely. Since reading this book, the way I read has changed so much. It has taught me to slow down and read between the lines and notice things in the authors writing that I had never noticed before. Elements I now practice in my own writing. Francine Prose gives great excerpts from many famous authors with great break downs and detailed explanations of each paragraph. Teaching you to change your reading habits, be more alert and just take it all in.  At the end of the book, she gives a detailed list of “100 books to read.” Which I have found extremely valuable.

Buy it now from Amazon – Simply click on the link below.

Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose

In summary, these are the four books I continue to use to refresh my memory on writing skills and each time I pick them up I discover something new. I hope they help you too. If you have any other suggestions for books on writing please comment below.


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books on writing that have made me a better writer
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books on writing that have made me a better writer
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books on writing that have made me a better writer
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75 thoughts on “4 Books on writing that have made me a better writer”

  1. “Reading like a Writer” sounds really interesting, I think what I read really informs and influences my writing style. I will have to check that out! Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a non-fiction writer that’s been itching to write my first novel, this list is priceless. I’ve been perusing blog posts and articles but I hadn’t even considered books that could provide insight and tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What lovely recommendations, Reading like a Writer is definitely one I would be interested in as I love to read but have trouble appreciating deeper meanings and structures. I would be interested to hear what books on writing you would recommend for bloggers and writers of non-fiction as I often struggle to make what I am writing about entertaining or attention grabbing.

    1. Thank you all of these books are helpful in all fields of writing. For blogging, I would recommend “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley. An informative book on creating good content for websites, marketing, and blogs. Regarding non-fiction, the only one that comes to mind is “Writing non-fiction” by Dan Poynter. Hope these help.

  4. If I could actually get through my to read list. I would def add “The Making of a Story”. But for now I will be happy with this review. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As a blogger, I am always trying to grow when I write. These books would come in handy to help me evolve more where my writing is concerned. I belive that if someone is not open to change, then they will never grow.

  6. Wow, thank you so much for these recommendations! I just purchased “Reading Like A Writer” after reading this. I used your link. You’re the best!

  7. Thanks for this post! I’m gonna check out “the making of a Story”. I think it’ll help with my marketing and branding efforts.

  8. Reading Like A Write sounds interesting. Developing better writing skills is an ongoing process for me. I call it on the job training but a good book would like attending a valuable seminar.

  9. these are all such great recommendations, I need to check them out. I totally feel that as a blogger this could be totally useful. I have added making of a story to my list. Thanks!

  10. All of these books look like truly great resources. We will soon be writing and launching our first ebook (yikes), I will be pinning your post to read later when our writing process actually begins!

  11. These books sound fantastic. As a blogger, I am always looking to improve my writing.

  12. I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing so I’ll have to check these books out! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I really want to pick up “Reading Like A Writer.” In college writing classes we were taught to read in that way, picking out how the author used words/dialogue/sentence structure/etc. in ways that we wanted to try in our own writing.

  14. Thanks so much for these suggestions. I love to write and love to read about how to write better. I actually have “Everybody Writes” which was a gift but I have not had a chance to read it yet!

    1. As mentioned in my post, learning to slow down in my reading process and read beyond the lines and understand exactly what the author is trying to relay to the reader,

  15. I should read those books. I like reading, mostly fictional stories, but those books will help me improve my skills. I’m not good at writing. I have to improve that.

  16. gonna have to check these out, i feel like even as writers we still need to constantly keep growing and learning to better our practice. life is evolving and reading is always around.

  17. I am not a big reader, something I am trying to work on this year is reading more books! Maybe I’ll check out some of these, as I am a fan of reading books that help me better myself rather then fictional stories!

  18. As a new blogger, I find this information very informational and helpful! I’ve struggled in the past and still do, with my writing skills. Thanks for the suggestions.

  19. Thanks for the reading list! I am working to get my writing skills better I would love to read some from your suggestions.

  20. I have considered myself a storyteller, but not a writer. Writing is just something I got into very recently on my blog. Thank you for these recommendations, they may help me in the long run.

  21. These sound like good books, will add at least one to my reading list. Thanks for the suggestions and especially “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley. Some one had the same question I wanted to ask =]

  22. I consider myself a bookworm but haven’t encountered any of them. Thank you for sharing. I would surely look for a copy of each.

  23. Wow, these sound like some nice books. I take a lot of my inspiration from fantasy books, it really helps with imagery and sensory language. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  24. You don’t know how you’ve inspired me. As much as I read and write, I never considered reading a book about writing. This is coming from someone who repeatedly stands on her soapbox screaming, “READ”. Thank you.

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