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An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

Once in a while, I like to break away from the subject of books and give you a little insight on events or special moments occurring in my life. This is one such post. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks that have stirred up many buried memories that I had forgotten about and revisiting them warmed my heart and unexpectedly took me back to my childhood days.

Voices From The Past

I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Ilkley Gazette newspaper from my hometown, Ilkley in England had written an article about my book Reckless Beginnings.   You can view the article here.  Well since the article was published, a number of my schoolmates have contacted me via Facebook. Our friendships began around the age of seven in Primary school and continued until we graduated from Grammar school at sixteen. Afterward, we all went our separate ways and lost contact with each other.

When they reached out to me on Facebook, I was immediately thrown back into my childhood days as we texted back and forth, reminiscing the schools, teachers, hanging out at each other’s houses and pretty much sharing the same memories. A few days later one of them sent me our class picture from 1972. Wow! Now I really was thrown back in time.

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

This is our class picture at Primary school. I was nine years old and I’m in the front row, third in from the left, with the overly short crooked bangs. (Fringes, as they are called in England).  It’s funny while looking at this picture from so long ago that I’m able to remember it like it was yesterday. In fact, I even remember the night before because my mother was furious with me. Wanting to look my best for the school photo I decided to cut my own bangs. Well, you can see the result was not very flattering and explains why my mother was angry. The dress I’m wearing was one of my favorites. It was bright orange with white polka dots. I seemed to have worn it for many photo shoots. Here is another picture of me, wearing the same dress.

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

Pulling Out the Old Photo Albums

After revisiting the past with my lost friends, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to remember more and began pulling out the old photo albums and low and behold  I found a picture of me with one of the girls that had reconnected with me on Facebook. I’d forgotten I even had this picture of us together.

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

My husband and I spent hours on the couch rediscovering our childhood while we laughed together at the memories the pictures were taking us back to. We talked about our favorites toys and all the mischiefs we used to get in to. We were amazed at the freedom we use to have. I would walk three miles home from school. After doing my homework, I would spend the rest of the day outside frolicking on the moors and I wouldn’t be in trouble as long as I was home before dark.

Life was so simple back then. We didn’t realize as kids, how good we had it. We learned from our mistakes and grew a tough skin. If we fell down, we got back up. I remember if I cried my father would turn to me and say, “Oh hush! If it hurts, it means your still alive.”  The value of a dollar was taught at a young age. Chores were expected to be done in lieu of a weekly allowance.  I was also required to get a paper route, delivering the morning paper before school to help pay for the new bike I wanted or the new shoes I just had to have. We grew up respecting our elders and being inventive when it came to entertaining ourselves. Oh, how the world has changed.

Take Time Out & Revisit your Past.

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

I wanted to share this with you because unknowingly I had let my childhood slip away. There was so much I had forgotten but going through the old photos brought me such joy and took me back to places I hadn’t thought about in years. Even after being married to my husband for over twenty-five years we realized while going through the pictures together that we still had stories to share with each other.

An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

Don’t let the memories of your childhood fade away. Once in a while, turn off the TV, put down your cell phones and pull out those old albums. Blow off the dust and share them with someone close, your spouse, parent or child. You’ll be surprised at the memories each picture will trigger and the stories you will have to tell. I can guarantee it will be a long night.

What are some of your fondest childhood memories? I would love to hear them.


An Unexpected Flashback to my Childhood

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