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Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another country?

Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another Country?

Tammy Mellows is the main character in my debut novel “Reckless Beginnings.” Due to be launched this summer. At the young age of seventeen, she leaves her own country, England to move to the United States. Leaving the securities of her home, job, family, friends, and neighbors behind. Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another country?

While writing the story, I asked myself, why does someone move to another country? What’s so important to them, that they’re willing to leave so much behind?  If you’re wondering why Tammy did? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. 🙂

The book is fiction based on actual events. Tammy Mellow’s character is based on me and yes I left England to move to America. But again you will have to read the book to find out why. 🙂

What motivates a person to make such a big move

Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another Country?

Moving to a new country is a life-changing event. You have to be one hundred percent sure you’re making the right decision. Some of the most common reason for someone wanting to move are:

  • Job/school related
  • Joining a family/loved one
  • Cost of living
  • Better climate
  • Retirement
  • Sparked by a vacation

For those moving abroad because of a new job or attending a school, college or university, it’s probably safe to say, they’d never visited the new country before. But With the offer of a good education or a better paying job, many will sacrifice and take the plunge. Hoping they will like the country they are about to call home.

In many cases, some may have visited their new destination prior and for some reason or another fell in love with it and a desire to move was ignited. Did Tammy Mellows Visit the States before she left England? Was she trying to better her life?  Again, you’ll have to read the book to find out. 🙂

Moving to another country is no easy task

Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another Country?

Once the decision has been made, that you’re going to take the giant leap and immigrate to a new country, it’s time to start planning for the move. You’ll want to organize the transition so everything goes smoothly. Start planning early and make an extensive list so nothing is forgotten and there are no loose ends. Sometimes a move as large as this can take up to a year to plan in advance.  My character Tammy Mellows had just one week. Why only one week? You know the answer – read the book 🙂

What might be on your list will depend on your current living situations and the reason for the move but here are some things you should be considering:

  • Secure all important documents – Passports, birth certificate, insurance policies, tickets and visa/work permit if needed
  • Will you have health insurance in the new country?
  • Your home – If you own, will you be selling. renting or leaving vacant? What about the utilities?
  • Bank accounts – Will they need to be closed?
  • Vehicles – Are you going to sell them or have them shipped to your new destination. Consider the cost of shipping a car and buying a new/used one.
  • Pets – What are the laws for bringing animals into the country?
  • Furniture – Keep or sell?
  • If you have children – what are your plans for their education?
  • Income – How will you earn a living? Retirement? A secured job? What is the job market like in your field?
  • Once you arrive, where will you be living?
  • Make time to say goodbye to families and friends.

Was Tammy able to accomplish everything on her list? in just one week. Aah,  you’ll just have to read the book. 🙂

Dealing with the emotions of moving

No matter how much you prepare for the transition to a foreign country, you can expect to experience a turmoil of emotions throughout the whole ordeal. From the stress of having everything in order to anxieties and doubts as the departing date becomes closer. You’ll probably be wondering if you’re making the right decision and at times fearful of leaving your home and loved ones behind. You’ll be flooded with memories you want to cherish and take with you as you share your last night with those close to you. How did Tammy spend her last night in England? Was she surrounded by loved ones? You know what I’m going to say – Read the book 🙂

It’s never easy to say goodbye, especially when moving so far away, not knowing when you’ll see friends and family again. Thanks to today’s technology and social media, we’re able to shorten the distance through video chat and texting. Unforchantly the internet wasn’t around when Tammy left 🙁 How did she handle it? If you want to know, I suggest you read the book. 🙂

Suggested reading

Are you like Tammy Mellows - did you move to another country
Click to buy from Amazon


Are you like Tammy Mellows - did you move to another country
Click to buy from Amazon

What about you?

I would love to know if any of my readers made the brave move to another country. Why did you move and are you happy you did?

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Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another country?

Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another country?
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80 thoughts on “Are you like Tammy Mellows? Did you move to another country?”

  1. I often think about the possibility of moving abroad… The idea absolutely intrigues me… I can’t wait to read this novel!!

  2. I moved to the US from the UK in my forties. Though I have been here for over a decade I finally accepted this week that I still miss my old life and the sense of belonging that your home country brings.
    Elderly parents being thousands of miles away is also tough. I am grateful for all experiences I have had and new friendships made, yet now feel I don’t quite belong anywhere.

    1. I can totally relate to your emotions. Having been in the US from the UK since 1982 – England will always be home to me. I too have family over there, including my mother who is ill and it tears me up not being able to visit her.

  3. We’ve been contemplating moving out of NYC to the burbs and are finding it difficult. I can’t imagine the work involved moving to another country!

  4. Didn’t know you moved here from England. I love that your first book is going to mean so much to you since it’s roughly based on your story. Also Love Tammy’s last name! It’s fun! Though I have never moved abroad I hope to someday when we retire.

    1. For twenty years this story has mulled around in my head. Feels good to finally have it written. Writing bits and pieces about the book, you’ll learn much more about me LOL.

  5. Wow congratulations on your book launching soon! It sounds so amazing and cant wait to give a peek. I haven’t moved to a country but I have studied abroad and it can be scary and exciting being away from home. We learn so much about ourselves during that time.

  6. Oh, I can totally relate to this. I traveled abroad for 3 times already and it gave me a different perspective. And yes, just like Tammy I would like to move abroad too. It is the reason I am not yet married until now because when I move to another country, I want to move freely, without worrying about a husband or kids.

    1. You’re right about having to move an entire family abroad. It’s difficult for just one person, let alone kids and a spouse. I hope you get lots of travel in before you settle down.

    1. There has to be some kind of drive/force behind the reason for moving like Tammy Mellows had in my book. Visits are perfect if where you are living now provides you with everything you want in life. Why move? I agree

  7. Although I didn’t move country, I did move to a different country, about 5 hours drive from my home town – and the reason for the move? To be with my then partner. But he turned out to be a psychopath (who I now have a restraining order against), and so I moved back down to the south again as soon as we split 🙂 x

  8. I put your link in a new browser because the CAPATCHA thing wasn’t working. I was trying to copy what I said before the CAPATCHA mess up. But instead I pasted your link. Haha, sorry. What I said was:

    “Moving across the street was hard enough. I cant even fathom moving across the world! But reading this book could make me more open to the idea. Thanks for sharing. “

    1. I’m sorry you’re having problems with the CAPTCHA. But kudos for having solution. I don’t understand why it’s working for others but yet a few are having issues. It’s a huge commitment to move to a foreign country and is such an emotional ordeal. I hope you read my book when it’s launched and learn about Tammy Mellow’s experiences.

  9. We fell in love with a Greek Island called Kefalonia and went back every year after that, this eventually resulted in us taking the plunge and buying a run down cottage there which we are currently renovating. It’s scary and exciting at the same time but we’ve never looked back and love going there even more now to see how our little house is taking shape:)

  10. There is a really good job that I have nice odds of getting in China, and I am really tempted to apply. But the problem for me is that I own a little lovebird who I love so much! And it looks nearly impossible to move with him there.

  11. Sounds like an interesting book to read. We lived in Europe for four years before moving back to the United States. We loved our time in Europe but realized the United States was truly our home.

    1. I understand your decision to wanting to move back to the US. I left England to move to the US. Even though I’ve been here 30 years, England will always be home. It’s my roots LOL.

  12. I, as an immigrant in U.S, I know how difficult it is to move to another country especially leaving behind your family there. But I’ve made my own small family where I am now and there’s nowhere I can be more happy with.

  13. This was an interesting article to read. Many congratulations on your book, it sounds like it will be a really great read!

  14. There are many reasons which makes a person move country, it could be due to love, family, education, better life or just the feeling of adventure. Your story about Tammy sounds interesting, would love to read more about it.

  15. Over the years I worked with a lot of immigrant teens. Most of them moved here with their families and had no choice in the matter. Even though they did not have to worry about the logistics of their move, emotionally it was even harder on them than it was on their parents because it was their parents decision and they had no voice in the discussion.
    On the other hand, making a choice to move as a young person can be intriguing and exciting as long as you have the means to support yourself.

  16. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa and came to the US as a refugee with my parents when i was 2 years old. Although I’ve been in the US for most of my life, my parents (and family) have raised me true to my African roots. Ive been back to visit, and i will be spending a month in Liberia after my college graduation in December. I can’t wait!

  17. I can’t imagine the work involved moving to another country! This was an interesting article to read.

  18. My Mom was in the military so I did live in other countries. Germany, Italy, and Belgium.

    My husband is in the military and we lived in England before.

    Granted, that was temporary, and it’s the only way I could do it. I prefer being in America!

  19. I don’t think I could ever move to another country! Even if my SO was in the military, it takes a lot to up and leave your family!

  20. I moved to Europe once I got married and let’s just say it was no easy task everything was just different and took me a long time to adjust.

  21. My dad was in the service so we moved around a lot. I wouldn’t think anything of moving to another country and would enjoy it. I’ve got to check this book out. I think I’ll really enjoy it.

  22. I’ve always wanted to move to another country but my husband is not really for that. : ( It has always seemed like such a scary leap though! This was a really informative post.

  23. I’m still in my country. I and my husband wanted to move to Norway for a better life. The government in my country decided to be more stupid than usual and got all kinds of stupid laws this year that make really hard to have a good salary. I also wanted to move to Belgium, I love that country and I would still love to move there.

  24. These are major moves in our lifes and making a country change of residence is always a though choice. Brave and also adventurous. Cool when it goes well.

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