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Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan – Author of REALITY WEDDING


Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING
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Reality Wedding is the third book in a reality series by Laura Heffernan. I have not read book one –  America’s Next Reality Star or book two Sweet RealityHowever, after reading the last book in the series I plan on reading the others so I have a full scope of the story.

After reading the novel I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Heffernan and write an honest review of her book. All her answers are in her own words.

About the Author

Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING
Laura Heffernan – Author

(Copied from author’s page) Laura Heffernan is living proof that watching too much TV can pay off. When not watching total strangers get married, drag racing queens, or cooking competitions, Laura enjoys board games, travel, board games, baking, and board games. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two furry beasts.

Laura loves connecting with readers. Find her on her website mentioned at the end of the interview. You can also find her on twitter (Also mentioned at the end of the interview)  where she spends far too much time tweeting about reality TV and Canadian chocolate.

The Synopsis of Reality Wedding

When Jen Reid escaped a reality TV cruise with her relationship intact—if not her hair—she swore she was done with the cameras for good. Sure, she and Justin met, had their first kiss, and got engaged with tape rolling, but manufactured drama and ruthless producers have shaken them up more times than she can count. With Jen’s reality-themed bakery just getting started and her brand-new lawyer fiancé in a pile of debt, they’re a long way from glitz and glamour, and that’s fine by Jen. Until the Network calls and tells her that unless she says “I do” to a wedding special, Justin will be out of a job.

Now Jen has two weeks to plan an all-expenses-paid “dream wedding”—and dodge the tricks and traps of a showrunner happy to mess up her future in the name of ratings. Luckily for Jen, she’s got plenty of experience with cake and popcorn. But when real-life drama and reality TV twists collide, the cliffhangers may just follow her right down the aisle . . .

My Review

Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING

When Laura contacted me about reviewing her book I was currently reading the last of four murder/thriller novels that were up for reviews. I took a look at her book and instantly said yes. Reading the blurb I could tell it was going to be a light-hearted fun read with the bling of Hollywood entwined. What a glorious change to the dark stories I had been reading.

All three of the books focus on reality TV – the last being about Jen and Justin’s wedding. In typical Hollywood style, the couple is forced to do the show or suffer the consequences of Justin losing his job at the law firm.

I Immediately picked up on the strong connection Jen and Justin had and how they had each other’s back. Once they were on the set to prepare for the biggest TV wedding of the year, the reader is thrown into the corrupt, world of the networks that go to any lengths to achieve ratings. Jen soon discovered; this wasn’t her wedding but the shows.

Throughout the story I found myself rooting for Jen, hoping she gets justice and beats the networks at their own game. Jen has her own support team that aids her in her quest and then there are the villains of the network that do everything they can to destroy her with their only motive is to better the show and the ratings.

Laura Heffernan did a great job grasping the feel of Hollywood and updating the readers throughout the story on events in the previous two books when necessary. However, I did feel there was more reflection on book one – America’s Next Reality Star than book two – Sweet Reality and felt I was missing something in some areas.

Overall this was a fun quick read that I really enjoyed and would recommend to women of all ages.

My Ratings

Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING

COVER DESIGN 5 STARS – For the content of the book, the cover was perfect showing the bright colors, the sparkle and the glam of Hollywood.  

CHARACTERIZATION 4 STARS – The main character Jen was written really well, showing weaknesses in the beginning but gaining strength as the story progressed. Some of the other characters like Logan I felt like I needed to read the other two books to really get to know them and see how their characters unfolded. There was a lot of references to previous incidents that I would like to know more about. 

STORY & PLOT 5 STARS This was a fun story to read, easy to follow and at times made me laugh out loud. Throughout the story, I was horrified by Hollywoods evil ways to gain ratings and rooted for Jen and Justin the whole time. Laura Heffernan threw in many surprises and twists to keep the reader guessing and an ending that had never crossed my mind. I just love an unexpected ending.


Interview with Laura Heffernan – Author of REALITY WEDDING

Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING


1 – How long have you been writing and why do you enjoy it? 

 I’ve been writing my whole life. Short stories starting when I was five, a play performed for the entire school when I was twelve. For a while, I ghostwrote blog posts as a job, just to add a bit more creativity to my life. I’ve created multiple blogs of my own, and my hard drive is full of snippets of books I started over the years and never finished. There’s just something about being creative that feeds my soul, and writing is the best way for me to do it. I love meeting new characters, creating difficult situations, then figuring out how to get them out of it.

2 – Other than writing, what else do you like to do?

 I love reading, playing board games, escape rooms, hanging out with my friends, and baking. Typically, I’m happiest when my mind is engaged. Then again, I’m sometimes quite happy to just veg on the couch and watch TV all afternoon to recharge.

 3 – What inspired you to write “Reality Wedding?” 

This is the third book in the Reality Star series. The original inspiration came when a friend of mine went on a reality show a few years ago. For this particular book, I’d put the characters through a lot of ups and downs, and it was time to give them a wedding.

4 – Who as an author, inspires you and why?

My primary inspiration is Sophie Kinsella. She’s been writing books in this genre since I was in college, and to me, she’s still the best. Although I love many of the other authors who pioneered the chick lit genre, I feel like Sophie’s voice has remained the most consistent. And I love all of her books. She really showed me that it’s OK to write fun books that make people smile.

5 – Name three of your favorite books and authors. Explain why these are your favorites.

This is always the hardest question for me to answer because I read so much and I love so many books. Three recent favorites include:

My (Not So) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella: As noted above, Kinsella is one of my all-time favorite authors and greatest inspirations. I love all her books, but this one really spoke to me. I found myself connecting more with the main character than some of her other works, and I liked that the main character’s dilemmas weren’t all of her own makings.

Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik: A Muslim Bridget Jones, Sofia Khan is the perfect modern heroine. She’s smart, she’s funny, and I loved getting a peek into a culture other than my own.

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: Not in the same genre, obviously, but there’s just something magical about these books. They opened a whole new world for me. I made new friends, bonded with old. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve read the series or watched the movies. It’s my go-to when I don’t know what to read or I’m not sure what to watch. It’s what my husband and I turn on during snowy afternoons. I love this series.

6 – What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Just keep writing. Read widely. And make friends with other writers. This business can be frustrating, and there are often long periods of silence. Having a support group of people going through the same thing is priceless.

7 – Are you currently working on anything now? If so, tell us a little about it and when it can be expected to be available.

Right now, I’m writing SHE’S GOT GAME, the first book in the Gamer Girl series, which is slated for publication in November 2019. The book follows Gwen as she competes in the American Board Game Competition – and falls for her #1 competitor. 

8- What genre do you normally write in?

Romantic comedies/chick lit. I love fun, happy books, and I want other people to be happy when they read my work.

9- Other than Amazon is there anywhere else, readers can purchase your book?

All three books are available at, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple iTunes. Paperbacks can be purchased through (free shipping worldwide). And readers can pick up or order signed copies from Northshire Books in Saratoga Springs, NY.

 10- Do you have a website, Facebook page or any other social media page where readers can follow you? If yes, please provide links.




11-  Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks for having me!

You can buy Laura’s book here by clicking the image below

Book Review & Interview with Laura Heffernan - Author of REALITY WEDDING
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