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Book Review – KILLER SMILE by Lisa Scottoline


book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Scottoline’s books for many years. This is book 9 of 11 in the Rosato & DiNunzio series. Like the other books in the series, I enjoyed Killer Smile immensely. A murder mystery thriller with history and some humor added to the mix.

About the Author

Copied from the author’s page of the book – Lisa Scottoline is a New York Times bestselling author and a former trial lawyer. She has won the highest prize in crime fiction, the Edgar Award, and has lectured at law schools and bar associations on issues of legal ethics. She is an honors graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and its law school, where she was an editor of the Law review and won the Laughlin Prize for legal ethics. Her books are published in more than twenty languages and she remains a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area.

The Synopsis of Killer Smile

Everybody around lawyer Mary DiNunzio has decided she isn’t allowed to be a young widow anymore, even though she didn’t know there was an official cut-off. They’re all trying to fix her up – her South Philly Italian Parents – her best friend Judy Carrier, even the office security guard.

All Mary wants to do is immerse herself in a case everybody else calls “The History Channel,” a pro bono representation of the Brandolini estate. The roots of the matter sink deep into the past, when Amadeo Brandolini emigrated to Philadelphia, started a family, and built a small fishing business. At the outbreak of World war II, Brandolini was arrested by the FBI as part of a mass internment of Italien-American and was sent to a camp in Montanna, where he eventually committed suicide. Now, more than sixty years later, his son’s estate hire Mary to sue for reparations.

Mary vows to vindicate Amadeo even though it won’t be easy. With only a lock of hair, an old wallet, and a sheet of paper filled with odd doodles to go on, the tenacious lawyer begins to research the case but finds instead puzzling new questions. Someone doesn’t want Mary to find the truth, and before long, her life is threatened. Suddenly the quiet, squeaky-clean good girl who never left Mercer Street is risking life and limb to finger a killer and lay a beloved ghost to rest.

book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline

My Review

I really like the main character Mary DiNunzio. She has spunk and isn’t afraid of getting what she wants, even it means breaking the law. As she digs deeper into the case, unraveling clues like the layers of an onion, Mary finds herself immersed in a web of violence, murder, and corruption. All while being set up with blind dates from her friends.

A fast-paced story which at one point takes the reader back to the 1940’s during World War II.  Mary’s enthusiasm and sometimes comical approach to seeking clues and fighting off obstacles that are in a way; are truly entertaining. An enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline

 My Ratings

COVER DESIGN – 5 Stars  The print is bold for both the author’s name and the title. Eye-catching warm colors entice the reader in.

CHARACTERIZATION – 5 Stars Can’t say enough about the main character Mary. Loved her grit and even her stupidity at times. (It provided a good laugh)

STORY AND PLOT – 5 stars – Great build up with many twists and surprises.


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book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline
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book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline
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book review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline
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book review killer smile by Lisa Scottolinebook review killer smile by Lisa Scottoline







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