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Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL – in memory of Sue Zeidler

Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL
Sue Zeidler

In memory of a friend – Sharing her passion – Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL

I feel compelled to write this and bring awareness to a great organization Writegirl after losing a dear friend this week -Sue Zeidler, who sadly passed away after a long battle with breast cancer.

Sue, was an amazing woman, wife, mother, friend, author, and journalist, who sadly was taken away too soon. In her short 58 years on this earth, she lived life to the fullest, refusing to let cancer slow her down. she showed nothing but bravery, class and an outstanding positive attitude up until the very end.

Sue’s involvement with Writegirl

One of Sue’s passions was “Writegirl” a non-profit organization based here in Los Angeles, where she volunteered her skills in writing, journalism, and reading to troubled teens. In lieu of flowers at her services, guests were asked to donate to Writegirl on behalf of Sue.

What is Writegirl?

Writegirl is a creative base for teenagers that are facing tremendous challenges in their lives including, abuse, neglect, depression or they simply need one-0n-one tutoring in creative fields. Writegirl provides workshops in all genres, exploring poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, songwriting, journalism, screenwriting, playwriting, editing and much more.

This is an amazing organization that Sue was involved with that has helped many young teenagers discover the art of writing, get through high school and into college.

Please take time to visit their website http://www.writegirl.org/  where you can make a donation or if you live in the Los Angeles area, consider becoming a volunteer.

Sue’s Books

During her long battle with cancer, Sue shared her passion for writing and music by self-publishing two young adult books; “The Practice Room” and “Flying Through Music.”

The Practice Room

Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL

Click here to buy from Amazon

Her first book in the series “The Practice Room” mixes time travel and music taking the reader back to Woodstock in 1964, Berlin in 1919, Harlem in the 1930’s and a Los Angeles rock concert in 2002.

Flying Through Music

Bringing Awareness To The Organization "WRITEGIRL"

Click here to buy from Amazon

Flying Through Music” the second book in the series combines, aviation into the mix of time travel and music taking you back to Buddy Holly’s last performance in 1959 and 1940’s Germany.

Both of these books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on the links below the images. All affiliate rewards from this site will be donated to the Write girl Organization. 

Sue, was an inspiration to many young women, yearning to follow in her footsteps. Sadly she was taken from us too soon. She will be missed by many. Heaven just got another angel. May you rest in peace.


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Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRLBringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL

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27 thoughts on “Bringing Awareness To The Organization WRITEGIRL – in memory of Sue Zeidler”

  1. I am really sorry to hear about what happened to Sue. That is just horrible. But I am happy to see that she has left a wonderful legacy. She seems like she was a visionary and so passionate.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your dear friend. Sue sounds like an amazing woman who’s heart showed the passion she had for the young ladies and the organization. Thank you for sharing.

  3. She might be gon3, but her legacy continues. Good thing there are many people who still continues what she started.

  4. Writegirl sounds like an amazing organization. We so need organizations like that; I work with teens in the juvenile justice system and let me tell it is so important for these kids to have support in the outside world. Thank you for sharing

  5. My condolences to you and to all of Sue’s friends and family… she sounded like a wonderful woman with a huge heart. Writegirl sounds like an incredible organization to be involved with

    Sondra xx

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