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Finding myself stranded and unprepared

Finding myself stranded and unprepared

I’ll get around to doing it

How many times have we said this to ourselves? Things we know we should do, but constantly put it off.  I have lived on Frazier Mountain for over fifteen years. Our elevation is 5,000ft and in the past, we’ve had some pretty harsh winters. There were times when I was snowed in for days. My car, buried in five feet of snow. It’s during these times, I remind myself that I need to stock my car with emergency supplies, in case I find myself stranded.  Years later, I still haven’t done this and last week I wish I had. My fears became a reality when I actually found myself stranded and unprepared.

Finding myself stranded and unprepared

The weather was not a concern

That morning I had plans drive to Pine Mountain Club – another small mountain community, less than nine miles away. I had plans to help a friend get ready for the holidays. The skies were blue, there were no winds but it was rather chilly – fifty degrees. I dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, sweatshirt and leather knee-high dress boots with a low heel. The thought to bring a jacket crossed my mind but that’s as far as it went and I left without one.  There was speculation of a light dusting of snow by late afternoon and  I planned to be home before then. Continue reading “Finding myself stranded and unprepared”

"Reckless Beginnings" Journey, A day in my Life

Drowning in editing – A much needed break – dealing with editing blues

Drowning in editing - A much-needed break - dealing with editing blues

My life for the past three months

If you’ve been following my blog, you’re probably aware that I received my book “Reckless Beginning” back from the editor in September. We are now in December and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been working diligently on my edits for three months. After my normal eight-hour day job, I’ve been spending the rest of my days going through the manuscript in dept. Continue reading “Drowning in editing – A much needed break – dealing with editing blues”

A day in my Life

Kayaking solo to replenish the mind

kayaking solo to replenish the mind 1

kayaking solo to replenish the mind. Why I like to kayak solo

My husband and I both enjoy kayaking. We venture out together frequently, discovering new lakes and marinas. But sometimes it’s nice to go solo where I don’t have to engage in conversations or keep up a pace.  Kayaking solo is my escape and a way for me to just collect my thoughts.

We all need an outlet in life where we can regroup our thoughts and remove ourselves from the hustle and chaos of everyday life. A place where we can release the stress and just chill out. For me, it has to be away from home. It doesn’t work at home. I’ve tried but the temptations allure me to clean the house, do the laundry, clean the yard, wash the car, walk the dogs or the phone may ring. Or hey why don’t I browse the internet.  Continue reading “Kayaking solo to replenish the mind”