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Feelings of Regret – Triggered by a Photo

Feelings of Regret - Triggered by a Photo - An Author's Wish

How did a Single Photo Trigger Feelings of Regret?

You might be asking this question after reading my title. Let me explain. When my book was launched and I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride, I immediately mailed a copy to my sister in England. Included in the letter was a small request; that she’d take a picture of the book with our mother.

My mother suffers from Vascular Dementia and has for the past seven years. She is bedridden and doesn’t recognize any of her daughters. When she last visited me here in the States, (Over seven years ago), she was a vibrant middle-aged woman, loving everything about life.

During her stay, she read the first three original chapters of Reckless Beginnings. She knew I was going to write a book. The pride that shined in her eyes, will always be planted in my memory. I knew she’d never read the book but I wanted to have a picture of her with the finished product. My sister delivered and sent me the picture today.

Feelings of Regret - Triggered by a Photo - An Author's Wish

I Was Flooded With Emotions

When I saw the picture, I wept uncontrollably. I never imagined it would touch me so deeply. To see my mother lying next to my book. A book she saw the beginnings of, brought the whole journey full-circle. While looking at the photo, I found myself reminiscing over past conversations with her.  I had shared ideas and why I wanted to write the book. She understood and was so excited and expressed often, how she couldn’t wait to read it.

I had written a post on Facebook when I first received the photo and I wanted to share with you a comment left by a dear friend. I couldn’t put it better myself. Thank you, Dee.

“The angels will welcome her with open arms when her time comes and they will tell her of you and how much she means to you. Our moms never leave us ….only physically…..as long as we speak their name and remember them ..they never fade.”

So Why The Regrets?

Seeing the photo, instantly fueled feelings of regret, for not writing the book sooner. I had the idea over twenty-five years ago. Why did I wait so long? Because of my procrastination both of my parents never got to see my book in print. My father died in 2010. Some will say, don’t be so hard on yourself. But it’s hard not to be. Seeing my mother and the book in the same picture does bring some comfort but more importantly, it reminded me of that old saying; Don’t put off tomorrow, what you can do today. I need to keep telling myself this.

Whatever Ideas you have – Do Them Now

Whether you have ideas to write a book, start a business, go on a trip with loved ones or any other goals you wish to achieve in life. Start acting on them now, because you know what? Tomorrow may never come for you or that someone you want to share your moments with. I’m realizing this now and it’s all because of this picture. I’ll try and live my life differently and achieve more each day. I’ll cherish this picture and place it in a special place as a daily reminder.

Feelings of Regret - Triggered by a Photo - An Author's Wish

On a Brighter Note

Okay, I’ve wiped away my tears and I’m now composed. I want to give you some brighter news.  As mentioned in my previous newsletter, my book is currently on a virtual tour for the whole month of October. You can see all the stops here: Virtual Book Tour.  And don’t forget to enter at each stop for a chance to win the $50.00 Amazon/B&N gift card giveaway.

Interviewed by Author Michele I. Khoury

In addition, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by  Michele I. Khory, author of  Busted, which recently won an award.  We struck up an online friendship over a year ago and often give each other advice or tips when it comes to promoting our books or running our blogs. Thank you, Michele, for having me as a guest.

Please visit her site and check out the interview. 

Live Radio Interview

Tuesday, October 9th,  at 8:40 am, PST, I will be live on  KHTS Home Town Radio Station of Santa Clarita. AM 1220 – FM 98.1. You can also download their app and listen from anywhere. Hope you tune in.

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