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Facebook Groups for Authors, Writers and Readers

Facebook Groups for Authors, Writers and Readers

Why I have joined some groups for Authors, Writers, and readers

While I’m currently working on the editing stages of my debut novel “Reckless Beginnings”, I have been researching groups on Facebook that I may benefit from. With Facebook being the giant of social media platforms, there are plenty to choose from.

How I benefit from these groups

In the short time that I’ve been a member of most these groups, the resources, connections, knowledge, and friendships I have gained through them have been priceless. Each group provides something different that I can benefit from and grow with. When I was researching the groups, I looked for certain criteria that would fit my needs.

  • Connecting with other writers & authors
  • Expanding my writing skills
  • Asking for advice
  • Seeking new ideas
  • Establishing a presence
  • Promoting my website and book
  • A place for feedback on my works
  • Seeking support when needed
  • Daily writing prompts
  • Book suggestions
  • Listening to readers
  • Belonging to a community

How to join a group and become active

Most of the groups are set to “Private” and you need to be approved before being allowed to join. Most will approve you within  twenty-four hours. If you find a group you would like to join: simply click on the tab “Join Group” located at the top of the page, fill out the simple questionnaire if required and you’ll be notified if approved.

Once you’ve become a member, I suggest introducing yourself, offering a little background and why you joined the group and ONLY post your website if the group permits it.  Be sure to read all the rules and respect them.

I usually spend some time scanning the group, reading the articles and posts and seeing if it’s something I would like to be a part of. If it is, I begin to participate and make my presence known by asking questions, answering questions and posting samples of my works or entering writing prompt exercises.

My Groups

Facebook Groups for Authors, Writers and Readers


Women Writers, Women Books

Members: 13,487

Website http://booksbywomen.org/

Soley a women’s group of women writers by women writers. Unpublished and readers are welcome. A supportive group that encourages and supports other writers and authors. Promotes members books, shares tips along with advice. Members share websites and facebook pages.

Click here to join Women Writers, Women Books


Fiction Writing

Members: 33.564

A place where fiction writers can gather and share their work, website and ask for advice and tips. Seek support and ask for reviews and suggestions. Along with writing tips and progress, members also discuss publishing, editing, and cover designs. A great resource for self-publishing.

Click here to join Fiction writing


All Write  

Members: 517

A place for authors, writers, and readers to connect and get to know each other. Different days of the week are dedicated to either posting your Facebook page, sharing your website, sharing your latest blog, posting a social media account other than Facebook, promoting your book or other books, asking for tips and reviews and on weekends anything goes.

Click here to Join All Write 


The Write Life Community

Website:  https://thewritelife.com/

Members: 17,594

A community for writers helping writers, offering reviews, tips, advice, critique and motivation when needed. Discussions are also posted by those seeking editing and publication services.

Click here to join The Write Life Community.


Writers Assembled

Members: 15,454

A group that connects writers from around the world. A place where writers can ask questions about anything related to writing and publication. Recieve reviews on their works and participate in writing challenges and seek support. Topics of discussion include all aspects of the writing process, generating ideas and the publication process.

Click here to join Writers Assembled 


The Writer’s Tribe

Members: 1,039

An encouraging community, supporting other writers, sharing advice, asking questions and seeking support. Writers offer feedback and ideas. The sharing of works is encouraged and writers can participate in writing prompts and challenges.

Click here to join The Writer’s Tribe


We Love Reading Books

Members: 16.333

A great place for lovers of books to meet and share what they are reading. Offer reviews on books and suggest books to read.  discuss covers and great places to buy books and find great deals. Any topic as long as it relates to books are encouraged.

Click here to join We Love Reading Books


Book, Bloggs, Readers, and Writers

Members: 45,035

A community where book lovers, writers, and bloggers can meet. Sharing anything related to writing and reading. Members share their works, ask advice, discuss what they are reading and their favorite books.

Click here to join Books Reader Bloggs and Writers


Free Books

Members: 45,035

A place where authors can offer free books, list giveaways, and readers can connect with the writers and receive free books.

Click here to join Free Books 


Facebook offers hundred of groups for Writers and readers, These are the ones I participate in. I’ve met some wonderful people, asked many questions and learned so much in the writing field. If you have suggestions for other groups, I would love to hear them.


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Facebook Groups for Authors, Writers and Readers
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16 thoughts on “Facebook Groups for Authors, Writers and Readers”

  1. The internet has really changed writing, hasn’t it? With Facebook groups and blogs, and all the myriad other ways to keep in touch, we are so much more connected with other writers and with readers too.

  2. I have benefited bigtime from joining FB groups. I published my first book in August and have not really thought about joining an FB writers group. Thanks for sharing all of these great groups:)

  3. I find Facebook groups incredibly helpful as a blogger for advice, inspiration and exposure so I can only imagine that they would be just as great for a writer.

  4. Joining social mediaa groups have lots of advantages and the most exciting part if building relationship online. I agree with your points, and glad you are enjoying it as well.

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