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Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books

Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books


An Open Invitation to Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books

Recently I started a Pinterest Group Board  – a community board for authors, writers, readers, books for children and adults and basically anything related to books. I’m dedicating this week’s blog to an open invitation for my readers to join my Pinterest Group Board. Follow the instructions at the end of this page on how to receive a personal invite from me to become a collaborator.

What is a Group Board?

If you are familiar with Pinterest you already know it’s a place where you can browse thousands of pins on an endless list of topics and save them to your categorized boards that you have created. Only you can pin to your own boards. Click on a pin and it takes you to the site where you can read about the topic of the pin.

A group board is basically like a categorized board but has been opened and allows other collaborators to add their pins to the board too. When you become a member of the group, you are able to add pins and in return repin other members pins to any of your other boards.

Here is a screenshot of some of my boards – my niche is anything to do with books and writing and as you can see I’ve broken it down into different categories. It pretty much works like a filing system. Anyone has access to the boards to repin whatever they like, but they can only leave their own pins on the ones that are group boards and a member.  On this screenshot, you can see the board Authors-Readers -writers is a group board because of it has the circle in the lower left showing me as the group owner and other members.

Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything booksWhy Did I start a Group Board?

There are many reasons why I started a group board. In order for someone to join the board, they need to follow me and the board – thus increasing my followers, exposure to my pins and traffic to my website. Another reason that prompted me to start this board, is because it’s really hard to receive an invite to a board. It’s not an easy task. I have emailed many board owners in my niche, requesting to join their boards with no reply, so I decided to start my own. I promise you, all requests will be answered within twenty-four hours.

Why should you join a group board

Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books

There are many benefits to joining a group board:

  • Grow your following – People tend to follow others in their same niche. When you are part of a group board, everyone is in the same niche and tend to follow each other.
  • Increase traffic to your website – Pining your pins on a group board provides more exposure to the pins you have created and pinned on the board. Not only will the pins be seen by your followers but all the followers of the members too.
  • Any easy way to be active on Pinterest – To pin regularly on Pinterest, you need to find pins within your niche to pin to your boards. Searching for pins can sometimes be time-consuming.  If you belong to a board you have endless choices of pins within your categories.
  • Meet other people within your niche –  Follow other members and get to know those that share the same interest as you.

How to join my group board – authors, reading, and everything books.

There are three easy steps to becoming a member of the board

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books
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85 thoughts on “Join my Pinterest Group Board for authors, readers and everything books”

  1. Pinterest groups are the best places to get inspiration. I think that this is a great idea, and I may need to join. 🙂

  2. Absolutely love Pinterest. Group boards are great at getting your info out more, totally agree! Bigger following and more traffic. Great that you’re part of that.

  3. I belong to the Facebook group Pinterest Group Boards and have joined quite a few groups through there. Group boards are greats. Congrats on starting your own. I’m sure there are lots of people who will want to take part.

  4. As someone who is just starting out with blogging and trying to figure out group boards, I plan on using these tips to further my reach! Thank you!

  5. This is very interesting pinterest group board. Will definitely try to explore more first about group board.

  6. I’ve been reading articles saying that pinterest is a good source of traffic. I started pinterest a month ago and haven’t really figured out yet how it will work for me.

  7. Pinterest is such a great resource. This is a lovely way for authors and readers to connect by way of a group.

  8. I haven’t paid attention to my Pinterest, I’m so guilty of it. Hope I can have time to arrange mine.

  9. Pinterest seems really tricky to utilize well, but group boards look like a great way to collaborate! You get traffic from so many new people and get to share followers in a sense.

  10. Pinterest group boards are definitely something I want to do more of. Now I definitely know why they are so beneficial!

  11. I am trying to get into reading every day as a life change. I will have to check out your Pinterest board for some great books to add to my summer must-read list!

  12. There is something wonderful about reading and sharing finds. I LOVE that you have set up a group board, I don’t have much to pin but I’ll definitely check it for reads.

  13. Pinterest is such a great place to share your content and get inspirations from! Group boards are one of the many perks for sure 😉
    Xo, Sondra

  14. I just started pinterest last year, and still learning. Your tips really helped, and will add you to pinterest later 🙂

  15. Fantastic idea! Pinterest is the best resource for me right now. I bet this group board explodes any minute!

  16. This is an awesome Pin Group. My friend is an author and wants to immerse himself with other authors and book readers so maybe he can join the group!

  17. Hi Tina, I would love to join your board. But when I clicked on your email link I got an error message.
    My handle is Renstar24
    Wasn’t sure how else to reach you?

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