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Looking for cover design ideas for debut novel – win a signed copy

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Your ideas are welcome

Looking for cover design ideas for debut novel. My publisher has asked me for some input for the design of the cover for my debut novel “Reckless Beginnings.” Currently I am drawing a blank and seeking some creative people for their ideas.

The synonyms / blurb of the book

Here is the blurb of the book that will appear on the back cover.

Tammy Mellows, a native of England is on a quest to move to America to search for her lost older sister Donna, a troubled runaway teen. A family divided by divorce and separated by an ocean makes Tammy’s quest almost impossible. With no help from the authorities, Tammy needed answers to what happened to her sister Donna.

Still a minor herself and told by her father John that she was to remain in England for the next three years until she finished school made her determination to find her sister very difficult.

After three years of waiting to become an adult and her sister still missing, Tammy is ready to begin her search but her own life of troubled events keeps getting in her way.

Turmoil overcomes her life when she is faced with choosing between her forbidden lover and her father.

Troubles continue when she discovers Steven; the father of her child has been hiding a dark secret from her. Thrown into a life of drugs and violence, Tammy feared for herself and her son’s safety. Not knowing what he was capable of, Tammy needed to find away to escape him and protect her child.

Struggling to provide for her son, unable to search for her sister, Tammy was determined to turn her life around and conquer her battles. No matter what it took she was going to win.”

Currently the visions I have that may possibly be incorporated into a cover design are:

  • Two continents coast lines (America  & Great Britan ) With the Atlantic ocean between them
  • American flag and the Union Jack
  • two sisters reaching across the ocean with hands stretched out
  • A Mother holding her son, distraught, sad, running. (Any of these actions)
  • A collage of different images IE: America, Great Britain, drugs, needles, two hands reaching out to each other.

These are all different rough ideas floating around in my head. From reading the blurb above, do you have any images that pop into your head. If so I would love to hear them

A chance to win a  signed copy of my book “Reckless Beginnings”

Put on your thinking caps and let me know what ideas you’ve come up with. If I use your idea I will send you a signed copy of the book plus thank you acknowledgment listed in the book.

Please follow the following guidelines

  • List as many ideas as you want.
  • If you see your idea already posted, PLEASE don’t repeat it. Simply like that idea. If it gets enough likes, It may just be used.
  • Share with your friends. The more ideas the better.
  • If you have any questions. Please contact me. Thank you!


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