Reckless Beginnings Traveling Book UK

Reckless Beginnings is traveling the UK

I am super excited about this new event that launched this week. A huge thank you to Pauline Grime in the UK that started and is organizing the Reckless Beginnings road trip. The goal is to have the book travel through all the counties where it will be read and signed by a reader.  The red dots on the map represent the counties that have signed up. If you are in the UK and would like to represent your county please email at

You can also join the Reckless Beginnings Traveling Book UK on Facebook for updates and chat with other members of the team.

I will continue to up this page regularly with news about the book’s journey and photos from readers.

How it Works

May 20th, 2021

Reckless Beginnings has been spending some time in Cambridge with Jill Valentine – Thank you for being on the team

MAY 5TH 2021
Reckless Beginnings has reached Glasgow Scotland and is now with Margaret Mclaren. Thank you for the awesome picture.

Thank you Gillan Taylor

Gillian Taylor was the first recipient in Greater Manchester. Here she is enjoying the book and I’, happy to say she loved it. The next stop will be to Scotland where it will be spending some time with Margaret Mclaren.

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