Book Review – Shadow And Light By Carol Koris

About the Author

Carol Koris’ mind loves to imagine; It spins out of control thinking of “what could/would happen if…”

She was born in Clifton, New Jersey, where family and friends left indelible marks on her imaginative mind. In her first career as a Registered Nurse, she was educated to care for people, both their bodies and minds, at Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing.

Carol honed her craft of writing at Florida International University, where she received an MFA in Creative Writing.

Carol now calls South Florida her home, where she lives with her husband Dave, and, happily, close to her daughters and grandsons.

She recently retired from Johnson & Wales University as a Full Professor, as well as the Chair of the College of Arts & Sciences.

The Synopsis of the Book

Shadow and Light is a novel about a photographer who loses her eight-year-old daughter in a tragic accident then chances across an opportunity to help another parent save her own daughter.
With her marriage strained and her business on the verge of failure, the novel’s protagonist, thirty-four-year-old Maggie Miller, seeks emotional refuge from the death of her daughter in the solitary activity of taking pictures of families at rest stops on the Florida Turnpike. When she finds she has inadvertently taken a picture of a missing child, Maggie’s near-obsessional quest to find the missing girl further imperils her marriage, her business, and, to the concern of those closest to her, her already-fragile psyche.

Her decisions and the actions that follow her search could save or endanger the child’s life, and Maggie realizes she has been attempting to do what she could not do for her own child. In the process of facing the subjectivity of perception and the fallibility of human nature, she brings herself to the first stirrings of self-forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. My Review

My Review

I finished this book over two weeks ago and still, it remains in my head. Koris knows how to write a story that captivated me immediately and she tells it with such raw emotions that I could truly feel the heartache of Maggie who lost her eight-year-old daughter. Something Maggie at times blames herself for.

A gut-wrenching novel that shows the heartache, anguish, and guilt parents go through when experiencing the loss of a child. Their marriage is also put to the test. Maggie wants to talk to her husband about their daughter and lean on him for support. He has no words and is angered by her grief. Will their marriage survive?

But this is not only a book about grief. It is a suspense thriller that involves a kidnapped child. Maggie believed she captured a picture of the girl and is determined to find out the truth at any cost. Even when the police turned her away, believing she was a grieving mother who was seeing things. Anxious to see what Maggie will discover, I could not turn the pages fast enough. What unfolded was a battle of “he said”, “she said”. Maggie needed to find a way to know who was telling the truth. What she discovers is mind-blowing.

This book was beautifully written. Koris is a brilliant writer who pays attention to detail and paints an amazing story with her words.

Book Review The Wife Between Us

COVER DESIGN – 5 STARS – The brilliant bright blue color drew me in straight away.  The cover captures the storyline perfectly. 

CHARACTERIZATION – 5 STARS – I felt every emotion each character felt, from heartache, anger, and sympathy to name a few. The personalities of each person developed perfectly as the story unfolded. I could honestly say I knew them all well by the time I had finished the book.   

STORY & PLOT 5 STARS –  A fantastic storyline that kept getting better and better.  

OVERALL RATING – 5 STARS – I can not say enough about this book. I loved everything about it and highly recommend it. I am anxiously waiting for another book written by Carol Koris.

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Book Review – The Shoebox Effect By Marcie J. Keithley


About the Author

Marcie J Keithley traded in her securities license to become an author when the universe shifted in her closet with the rediscovery of a 30-year-old shoebox. Armed with a powerful, dramatic story, which has been reported globally on major networks and newspapers across America, she is now known as the ShoeBox Sherpa, helping others find the freedom they desire by unpacking their own shoeboxes and stepping into truth and wholeness.

Marcie is also a Life Story Coach and national speaker. In her downtime, she loves to read historical fiction of the Elizabethan era.

Keithley, a native-born Hoosier and “Lady of Dunans,” resides on the Sunnyside of Louisville, along the Ohio River in Southern Indiana with her Golden Doodle, Murfee. A personal development junkie, she can be found most days with her nose in the latest non-fiction book with a tall glass of iced tea, no matter the season. She believes life is always better with a

The Synopsis of the Book

Many of us have one–a place where we store mementos that remind us of an earlier period in our lives–either happy or sad. Those ties to our past are commonly found in a similar place, hidden in a shoebox buried at the back of a closet shelf. It’s called The Shoebox Effect–where you “forget”, intentionally or unintentionally, about the contents of the box and what they represent.

Marcie Keithley’s shoebox contained a secret, one she kept for decades, one released when her shoebox was unexpectedly revealed in a moment of grief. A flood of memories and emotions was unleashed when the lid was knocked off. No longer able to deny what she had sequestered away in her closet and in her spirit, the revelation created challenges for Marcie, but it also did something positively unexpected.

Releasing the truth began a cascade that resulted in a freedom Marcie did not know was possible. The dramatic story of this long-kept secret, which has been reported globally on major networks and in newspapers across America, will intrigue and enthrall you.

But Marcie Keithley doesn’t just make her story all about her. Now known as The Shoebox Sherpa, she helps people unpack their own shoeboxes, and teaches us how to face our truths, heal our pasts, and find the freedom we deeply desire. Be prepared to consider Marcie’s question to all of us, “What’s in your shoebox?”

My Review

I read this book a few months ago and today I still find myself thinking about it.  Keithley leaves no stone unturned when it comes to revealing the items in her shoebox and why she kept them. It reminded me of peeling away the layers of an onion as the author reveals her heart-wrenching story of putting her child up for adoption and finding a way to heal and come to terms with the decisions she had made throughout her life.

This is not only the author’s story but a guide and self-help book with questions at the end of each chapter for readers to help them understand themselves better and the reasons for their actions. (I love this addition to the book.)

It is a raw emotional account that many will relate to and I can see the book helping so many people and not only those that were adopted. I want to thank the author for sharing her story and opening my eyes to mine.



Book Review The Wife Between Us

COVER DESIGN – 5 STARS – The cover is perfect for the book and intriguing It makes you wonder what the book is about.  

CHARACTERIZATION – 5 STARS – Keithley described everyone in the book with such detail that I felt like I knew them all very well.  

STORY & PLOT 5STARS – This is an easy read that had me turning the pages quickly anxious to see what happens next. 

OVERALL RATING – 5 STARS – An excellent read that I highly recommend.

Other News

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A sizzling suspense romance with a grand finale ending and where the power of friendship shines.


Book Review – The Green Beach Files By K. A. Perry


About the Author

K. A. Perry brings a unique perspective to her environmental thrillers. Her ability to utilize nature as the catalyst to keep her plot moving, and drive the character’s pursuit of the truth, stems from her own appreciation and love of nature. Time spent in nature is restorative for many folks, and this tenet is an underlying theme of K.A. Perry’s writing.

Although K.A. Perry grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, she now lives in Connecticut with her husband and 4 children. Her years spent practicing environmental law combined with her time spent as a math teacher have melded to create stories that at their core raise real legal issues, but on the surface are an engaging, lighthearted read.

The Synopsis of the Book

A funny, engaging legal mystery for all those who love and enjoy nature—and reading at the beach.

First, an amphibian expert is found murdered in the fancy shoreline town of Mayfield, Connecticut. Then, a second, shocking murder of a well-respected community leader occurs. Why are there murders happening in a town as peaceful as Mayfield?

Jenn isn’t the perfect clever attorney. She doesn’t love her job, has no innate ability to solve mysteries, no superpowers, and no awesome legal skills. But she does have her love and respect for nature—which tends to distract her from her legal work, yet still somehow guides her. Along with her entertaining and dysfunctional family, Jenn weaves her way into the midst of a momentous fight over land preservation.

The murders appear to be tied to the development of the largest parcel of pristine beachfront land between Boston and New York. Most folks in Mayfield want the unique beachfront preserved for the public and object to the construction of expensive homes, but are any of these folks extremist enough to murder for the environment and save coastal land? And how much will Jenn stretch the law to solve the mystery?

My Review

This is Perry’s debut novel and for a first book she did really well

I was pulled into the story immediately when the main character, Jenn discovered a body in an ice machine in the back of a bookstore. My first question was, why did the bookstore have an ice machine? It was clear it was a homicide and Jenn is on a mission to solve the case, even though she is an attorney and not a detective. But it humors the story with her interference and when a second body is discovered, the plot thickens.

This is an easy read and what I love about this book is how the author also took me on a nature excursion and described in detail the natural surroundings and environment. I learned so much.

The romance that evolved was sweet and a nice addition to the story. I highly recommend this book.

An interview with the Author.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen on my Cuppa & A Natter (Live Chat)  show a few weeks ago.

You can watch it here.


Book Review The Wife Between Us

COVER DESIGN – 5 STARS – I love the colors of the cover, especially the bright yellow font which really grabs the attention of potential readers.   

CHARACTERIZATION – 4 STARS – I loved Jenn. She was well developed and I thought that I knew her well by the end of the book.  

STORY & PLOT 4 STARS – Great storyline and plot that moved along at a good pace. 

OVERALL RATING – 4 STARS – I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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Book Review – Turn Back Time 

The Reunions is live -Read for FREE in KU

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Award-winner author Tina Hogan Grant brings you an emotional tail of family values and the quest of three sisters to fulfill their mother’s one wish.

Divided by divorce and separated by an ocean the sisters wondered if time would be on their side. This book brings the Tammy Mellows series full circle and can also be read as a standalone. A story that will stay with you: long after you have read it.
Review quotes:
“Loved the story and the whole series and will always read a Tina Hogan Grant book.” – GR Reader
“OMG what an absolutely amazing story. Definitely, a must-read.” – GR Reader “
A wonderful storyteller and her writing touches the heart.” – GR Reader
“This is such a great book and hard to put down and you just don’t want it to end.” – GR Reader –


Book Review – The Bluebell Girls By Barbara Josselsohn

Book Review

The Bluebell Girls By Barbara Josselsohn (Lake Summers Book 2)

About the Author

Barbara Josselsohn grew up on Long Island and lived for several years in her beloved New York City before moving to the northern suburbs. She began her career as a business journalist and then turned her attention to her first love, fiction.

The Synopsis of the Book

Returning home to her family’s little lake house is the perfect way for Jenna to escape her heartbreaking divorce. Her mother Sweet has been losing her memory and Jenna is sure that taking her daughter Sophie for a break with Sweet in Lake Summers, tucked under the Adirondack Mountains, is what they all need.

Jenna finds comfort in lazy afternoons along the water, and during long nights overlooking their bluebell garden, she’s relieved to hear Sweet telling stories about her long-lost loves. Surrounded by family, it seems that some of Sweet’s memories have returned and Jenna knows she has made the right decision to come home. But when she meets handsome next-door neighbor Troy, she is reminded of a tragedy in her past she has tried hard to forget.

Troy is the boy with whom Jenna shared her very first kiss—she’s relived that moment under the stars every night since she was seventeen. But though he once swept Jenna off her feet, he also broke her heart, and living next door to him for the summer feels impossible.

But sometimes the only way to heal is with those who know you best, and despite her best efforts, Jenna is drawn to Troy again. With her family reunited at last and happier than ever before, is she finally brave enough to face up to her past, and settle down in Lake Summers forever?

My Review

Book Review The Wife Between Us

This is the second book in the Lake Summer Series but it can easily be read as a standalone. I have not read book one but I had no problem diving into the book and not feeling lost. The author did a great job providing enough of the back story from the first book.

This is a beautiful, well-written story that had me fully engaged throughout the entire book. If I wasn’t busy writing my own book I would have easily finished this in a couple of days.  The story is set in the small resort town, Lake Summer and from the author’s wonderfully descriptive writing, she painted a vivid picture and I felt like I was there. It was a great escape.

A fast easy read with likable characters and a sweet love story that will stay with you for a long time. I would like to know what happens next and I’m hoping there will be a book three.

Book Review The Wife Between Us

COVER DESIGN – 5 STARS – I have one word for the cover—Brilliant. Its vibrant, eye-catching, and a perfect fit for the book.  

CHARACTERIZATION – 5 STARS – I loved the characters and easily related to Jenna – They were well developed and their independent personalties were well defined. 

STORY & PLOT 5 STARS – I was captivated the entire time, wondering what the outcome would be.  I loved the storyline and learning the history of the family.

OVERALL RATING – 5 STARS – This was a great read and I highly recommend it. 

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Book Review – Wedding At The Lakeside Resort by Susan Schild 









My Book Better Endings Received Readers’ Favorite gold medal award for best Fiction Adventure 2020

Read The Review

Better Endings is a beautiful story that explores a woman’s heart and I enjoyed the way Tina Hogan Grant builds resilience in the protagonist. The journey that Tammy makes is inspirational and will give hope, especially to female readers who have suffered abuse and have experienced unhealthy relationships.
Tammy’s character is well handled and the growth process that happens in her life is well-captured in the story. Tammy grows from someone who is prone to fear to a woman who takes control of her life, creating the kind of life she wants. Themes of family, love, and adventure are deftly handled and it is easy to develop a fondness for the sea after reading Better Endings. Great prose, exciting characters, and themes that evoke the realism of everyday life. -Readers’ Favorite



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Book Review My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

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Book Review – My husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

Intrigued by the title, this is a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time. How did the book measure up? Read my review below.

About the Author

Jane Corry is a writer and journalist who has written regularly for numerous newspapers and magazines including The Daily Telegraph Weekend Section, The Mail on Sunday and Woman. She has spent time working as the writer-in-residence on a high-security prison for men. An experience that helped inspire My Husband’s Wife, her debut thriller.

Jane runs regular writing workshops and speaks at literary festivals all over the world. She was a tutor in creative writing at Oxford University until her recent move to Devon. She is also an associate member of the Royal Literary Fund.

The Synopsis of My Husband’s Wife

When young lawyer Lily Marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start and leave the secrets of the past behind. But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe, a convicted murderer to whom Lily is strangely-and for whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything.

But Lily is not the only one with secrets. Her next-door neighbor Carla may be only nine, but she has already learned that secrets powerful things. That they can get her whatever she wants.

When Lily finds Carla on her doorstep twelve years later, a chain of events is set in motion that can end only one way.

My Review

This book began well and had me intrigued but as the story progressed it began to lose me for many various reasons. As mentioned before, I was intrigued by the title. I assumed it was about a bigamist. Well, that wasn’t the case and after finishing the book I found the title to be deceiving. I also had a problem with the female on the cover. If this is supposed to be Lily, it doesn’t match the description in the book where she describes her self as overweight and a size fourteen. That is not what the image portrays on the cover.

The author is British and many British terms are used in the story. Being English myself, I didn’t have a problem with that but if you don’t know some English terms it might be an issue for you.

It was a confusing tale with too many plots and twists that had no connections. It had too much going on and not enough background about the characters. I felt like I didn’t really get to know any of them.  Out of the blue, the characters began behaving strangely for no apparent reason or explanation. I found it odd that the character Lily was written in the first person and Carla was written in the third person. That just added to the confusion. For me, none of the characters were likable and there really wasn’t anyone to root for. The plots were weak and somewhat far fetched with no concrete conclusions. As much as I tried to like this book, I just couldn’t.

My Overall Rating

Book Review THE MERMAID CHAIR by Sue Monk Kidd

COVER DESIGN – 1 STAR– The cover and title didn’t represent the story at all. I found it very misleading.

CHARACTERIZATION – 2 STARS – The characters were very shallow and at times confusing. None were likable.  

STORY & PLOT 2 STARS – The story was too confusing and just seemed to drag on with no level of excitement.

OVERALL RATING – 2 STARS – Overall I gave this book two stars. It was a hard book to read that left me disappointed at the end. 

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See what readers are saying about Reckless Beginnings

It was a wonderful book and also a great ethical thriller especially for this being the author’s first book. I am definitely looking forward to reading more by this author. I would also definitely recommend this book to other members of my book group and my literary friends. – Anoynomous


AMAZING STORY. So well written, I could not put it down. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2… I sometimes read so fast, I can skim over words.. not this book. I hung on to every single line.. so well written, such good detail, I felt and knew each character and felt each feeling.. was just great.. thank you! Sad I am divine with it! So glad Judy hit him with the poker! – Jennifer Dobos-bubno

 I loved this story, it was amazing!! It totally captured me from page 1. After reading the first few chapters I was addicted and couldn’t put the book down. I did nothing for the rest of the day but read even though I had a long list of stuff to get done. Reckless Beginnings by Tina Hogan Grant is a well-written story based on the author’s life. This is such a touching story about surviving. I personally find her work amazing in every way. Her writing is so good. The book is exceptionally well written and beautiful. The characters are all well developed and relatable. you can feel all their emotions and they grow beautifully as the story progresses.  – Stewart’s Book reviews

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Book Review and Bonus Bookclub Questions


This was our bookclubs pick this month and we had quite the discussion after finishing it. As always I like to share our review with you.

About the Author

Rebecca Skloot is an award-winning science writer whose articles have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine and Discover. She has worked as a correspondent for NPR’s Radiolab and PBS’s NOVA scienceNOW and is a contributing editor at Popular Science magazine. She is a former Vice President of the National Book Critics and has taught creative nonfiction and science journalism at the University of Memphis, the University of Pittsburg and New York University. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was her debut novel and became an instant New York Times bestseller. It won the Chicago Tribune Heartland and the Wellcome Trust Book Prize. It was named best book of 2010 by and the best book of the year by Entertainment Weekly, O Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, US News, and  World Report.

The Synopsis

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her a HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer, whose cells taken without her knowledge in 1951-became one of the most important tools I medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine,c cloning, gene mapping, and more.  Continue reading “Book Review THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS by Rebecca Skloot”

Author's Corner

Book Review and Interview with Sally Crosiar – Author of Come Back

Interview with Sally Crosiar - Author of COME BACK
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Come Back is the debut novel of Sally Crosiar which I’ve had the pleasure of reading over the last couple of weeks and what a joy it has been. After reading the book I was able to interview Sally and write an honest review of her book which you will find at the end of this post. All answers are in her own words.

About the Author

Interview with Sally Crosiar - Author of COME BACK


( Copied from About Author  page)  Sally Crosiar lives in the Finger Lakes of New York State where she reads incessantly, enjoys time in and on the water, savors dark chocolate with red wine at every opportunity, and teaches about health and play for Empire State College. She is the author of  Find the Love of Your Life, based on her own true story, My Uncle Dave, a children’s book with an adult message, and co-author with Dr. Sidney B. Simon of Love Builders Tools to Build Every Relationship. Come Back is her debut novel.  Continue reading “Book Review and Interview with Sally Crosiar – Author of Come Back”