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Writing updates – what I’ve been working on

Writing updates - what I've been working on

It’s time for some updates on my writing

My debut novel, Reckless Beginnings was released October 28th, 2018. My how time has flown. I can’t believe it has been over five months since that memorable day. Some of you have been with me since I launched this site and took you on the amazing journey leading up to publication day. And what a ride that was. Well, another journey has begun and I hope you stick with me for this one.

Book 2 – Better Endings

The day after Reckless Beginnings hit the shelves, I began writing the outline for book 2 in the series which is titled Better Endings. In a previous post, I had mentioned that I’ve changed my writing habits and I’m now disciplining myself to write at least one thousand words a day. Because of this new approach, I’m getting the work done. Most days I exceed my writing expectations and book two is now at two-hundred-thirty pages. When I look back and saw how much time Reckless Beginnings took to complete – editing alone took almost a year, I’m ecstatic about the future of my writing.  I’ve managed to write two-thirds of the book in just over five months. For me, that is a huge accomplishment when I’m also working a full-time job and continuing to promote Reckless Beginnings.

A brief outline of the book

Better Endings which is based on true events and picks up where Reckless Beginnings ended, following the life of Tammy Mellows. In the book, the reader will reconnect with familiar characters like her father John, her step-mother Joanne, her sister Donna and her young son Matt. They will also meet Tammy’s new love interest Dwayne, a commercial fisherman from Southern California. But Tammy is struggling with newly discovered demons of her own that puts a strain on the relationship.  She finds solace on the ocean and enters the world of commercial fishing. An industry dominated by men. Yet again Tammy finds herself faced with new challenges, high expectations and in order to be accepted by the fleet and for self-gratification she pushes herself to the limit.

When she ventures into the world of commercial fishing, she finds herself off the remote coast of  San Clemente Island for weeks at a time. A place that is owned by the US Navy and where intense training takes place. No civilians are allowed on the island leading Tammy to adapt to living on a boat for days at a time. But what Tammy witnesses on the island while anchored off the shores fascinates her.


Here is an aerial shot of the island which is only fifty-six square miles.

Writing updates - what I've been working on

Personal photos that inspired the book

Many of the scenes in these photos you will read about in the book.

Writing updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working onWriting updates - what I've been working on







I hope to have the first draft of the book completed by the end of May. Wish me luck. After a few rounds of reading it will be sent off to the beta readers before the editor begins her first round of editing. During which time, the cover design will begin.

Other works in progress

While working on Better Endings, I have also been working on a contemporary romance series titled The Sabela Series.  There will be three books in the series. The first is called Slater and is complete. Last month it was sent out to the beta readers and I’m pleased to say they all loved it. Today it was sent to the editor and I hope to have it back in about two weeks. Currently, I’m researching someone to do the cover design and hope to get that started pretty soon. In the meantime, I have also begun book two in the series which is titled, Eve. 

My goal is to have all three books completed, formatted and with covers before I release them within six weeks apart. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and more about the story outline when I have a rough blurb written.

So there you have it. I hope I’ve brought you all up to date and you will continue to follow me on my writing journey while I’m working hard to bring you these stories.

Other news

Writing updates - what I've been working on

  • I’m pleased to announce that Reckless Beginnings reached the Top 100 in the kindle Sister Category in Amazon last month. A huge accomplishment that I’m proud of.
  • June 7th is the writer’s festival at our local library in Frazier Park and I’ve been invited to be on the writer’s panel where I will be talking about my current works and answering questions. I’ll post more info when I have it.

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Press Release

Press Releases – Tina Hogan Grant – Author – Reckless Beginnings

Press Releases - Tina Hogan Grant - Author - Reckless Beginnings

Debut Novel Reckless Beginnings Press Releases

The release date for Reckless Beginnings by Tina Hogan Grant is now October 4th, 2018. All press releases regarding this event can be found here.

PR #1 Released – 6/12/18

Author Focuses on the families of Addicts

Frazier Park CA – Author Tina Hogan Grant’s debut novel “Reckless Beginnings” to be released October 4th, 2018, reveals what it’s like to be living with an addict.

Women’s Fiction, based on true events, Hogan Grant shows us how these family members of addicts have become the silent and forgotten ones.  

In the media today, we hear how drug and opioid addiction continues to spiral out of control and how drug-related deaths are at an all-time high. But we never hear about the spouses, partners, or other family members of addicts and how their lives have been affected, Hogan Grant explains.

Written from the author’s own experience, Hogan Grant puts the reader into the shoes of the main character, Tammy Mellows. A woman shadowed by her boyfriend, Steven who is also the father of her child and struggling with heroin addiction. Eventually, Tammy loses her identity as Steven’s addiction spirals out of control.

Like Tammy in my book and myself who lived with an addict, so many women live in fear every day. Each day is a fight for survival. Normality doesn’t exist. As the addiction intensifies, so does the violence and abuse, Hogan Grant says.

“Reckless Beginnings,” tells one woman’s story. How she found her strength and took back her life when she realized she didn’t have to settle and had choices.

Review – Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars “Reckless Beginnings by Tina Hogan Grant is engaging and riveting, a well-written story injected with a lot of realism and pathos. Told in a strong and mellifluous tone, this is a story about family and a woman’s search to make sense out of the chaos of her life. The theme of family stands out in the narrative and the author does an incredible job in exploring the conflict within the family context. The characters are well-imagined and developed with skill. Tammy is young and naïve when we meet her, but as she evolves through the story, some of her fantasies begin to fall away as she faces the crude reality of life. Reckless Beginnings demonstrates a great character development curve and readers will be pulled in by the emotional intensity of the story. Tina Hogan Grant has a great sense of storytelling and she succeeds in keeping readers engaged through each page of her gripping story.”

Cover – to be revealed     Release date – October 4th, 2018 (ARC copies sent by request)

Press Kit  – Contents – Author’s photo, contact, publisher info, book blurb


PR #2 Release date 9/10/18


CONTACT: Tina Hogan Grant,

Phone: 310-822-1355, Email: tinahogangrant@gmail.com 

Local author invites the community to a book launch and signing event.

Longtime resident, Tina Hogan Grant wants to share in the celebration of the release of her debut novel, RECKLESS BEGINNINGS. Publication date October 4th, 2018.

The event will be held at the Frazier Park Library, 3732 Park Drive on Saturday, October 13th at 3:00 pm. Admission is free. Snacks and beverages will be served. Grant will discuss her book, read an excerpt and answer questions. All attendees will receive event souvenirs. A raffle will be held at the event. Prizes include An Amazon Fire 7, a $20.00 Amazon gift card, A Cavey’s Pizza gift card, and other small prizes. Books will be available for purchase for $15.95. Cash or check only.  In appreciation for hosting the event, Grant will be donating $1.00 from each book sale to the library.

Twenty-five years in the making; Grant’s novel, Women’s fiction, based on true events, shows the flip side of addiction. Focusing on the families and loved ones of addicts and how they become The Silent and Forgotten Ones.

Written from the author’s own experience, Grant explains; even though these events took place decades ago, today drug and opioid addiction continues to spiral out of control and is at an all-time high. Heroin usage has hit a record high because it’s much cheaper than prescription drugs and can be easily bought on the streets.

We hear about these numbers all the time, but we never hear about the loved ones of addicts and how their lives have been affected. Every day is a fight for survival. Normality doesn’t exist. As the addiction intensifies, so does the abuse and violence.

Grant’s novel, RECKLESS BEGINNINGS is one woman’s story, (Tammy Mellows) trying to make sense of the chaos surrounding her life and fighting to gain it back. Her journey shows that anyone in these situations has choices and that they don’t have to settle.

Grant, commercial fisherwoman turned author was born in England and came to the States in 1979. After moving to California, she spent ten years fishing off the southern coast of California with her husband Gordon. After retiring from fishing, they moved to Frazier Park in 2003 and spent the next ten years building their dream home, doing most of the work themselves.

Grant is currently working on a sequel, titled BETTER ENDINGS.

Press Kit  – Contents – Author’s photo, contact, publisher info, book blurb. Book trailer.

 Tina Hogan Grant, Phone: 310-822-1355 Email: tinahogangrant@gmail.com