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Looking for cover design ideas for debut novel – win a signed copy

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Your ideas are welcome

Looking for cover design ideas for debut novel. My publisher has asked me for some input for the design of the cover for my debut novel “Reckless Beginnings.” Currently I am drawing a blank and seeking some creative people for their ideas.

The synonyms / blurb of the book

Here is the blurb of the book that will appear on the back cover. Continue reading “Looking for cover design ideas for debut novel – win a signed copy”

Blogging tips & Advice

New to blogging get tips & advice for new bloggers


new to blogging get tips help and advice
new to blogging get tips help and advice

A newbie blogger

I am very new to blogging. (Less than a month in fact) This is not a very easy task, I have discovered. It takes time, a lot of research, patience and a commitment to produce a quality blog worth reading. I am learning as I go along this path. I plan to share with others what I have learned in the “Blogging Tips” of my website. If you are new to blogging get tips help and advice here. I will be adding content worth sharing and what has helped me. If you would like to add your own advice, please do.

Why have I started blogging

While waiting for my book to be published, I needed a platform for my potential readers to find me, get updates on the progress of the book, learn a little about me and ask questions if needed. During the process of finding the right platform, I discovered “Word Press” and the wealth of information I gained from researching blogs was priceless. I knew I was in the right place to begin this process.

What Have I learned

I have to thank Kaylee Marie for her informative blog. Full of great ideas. Some I would never think of. If you are new to blogging, I highly recommend you read her post.

Below are some other insightful tips from some great blogs I came across. I hope they help you like they have helped me

Tips for Newbie Bloggers by Alice @ Arctic Books

Webdesignrelieft have some great ideas

Lilly Moore offers some great tips for beginning bloggers

Common blogger mistakes and how to avoid them by Hollife


I have found all of the above sites very helpful while I continue to learn the art of blogging. I hope they will help you too. If you have any additional tips please post. Thanks!


Everything books

Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books

Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books the great debate

Call me old-fashioned/old school but there are many reasons why I like to read printed books rather than e-books. The great debate

There is nothing like the feel of holding an actual book

When I pick up a book, I love the way it feels in my hands, the way it smells and the crisp papers yearning to be turned. When I first pick it up I study the front and back covers, flipping it back and forth. I love turning real pages, feeling the corners between my fingers as I progress through the story. Continue reading “Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books”

A day in my Life

Feeling the pressure to write a sequel

feeling the pressure to write a sequel


feeling the pressure to write a sequel

I just reblogged a post I came across regarding the pressure of writing a sequel. I totally relate to this topic. Even though I am going through the excitement of having my first novel “Reckless Beginnings” being published, I am now dealing with anxieties to write the sequel within two years. Yes, I am definitely feeling the pressure to write a sequel.

How am I going to do this? 

I ask myself. It took me seven years to write the first book. Before then it mulled around in my head as an idea for fourteen years. I don’t want my work to deteriorate and lack in quality due to pressure from the publisher to get it done. Of course, I don’t want it to take another seven years to complete and I want to stick to my standards and work ethics.

In order to get this done in a reasonable amount of time, I need to have a plan of attack.  I need to structure my writing time more aggressively and discipline myself to spend longer hours writing, no matter what temptations allure me. My days will start earlier. Probably before sunrise when the house is quiet and I will make sure I spend at least 3-4 hours a day working on the sequel before I involve myself in other activities throughout the day.

I wrote the first book at my leisure with no pressure. When I felt like writing, I wrote. Having the pressure of being printed with a sequel in the works changes everything. I don’t want my readers to wait too long, I want to please my publisher and yet I don’t want to produce a rushed manuscript and disappoint my readers.

Quality over quantity

Yes, the pressure is defiantly on but I have to remember and keep reminding myself, “This is my book.”  This is a reflection of me and I don’t want to destroy the reputation I am trying to build by trying to rush out the sequel. Quality is important over quantity. If it takes a little longer, that is okay. I want the reader to feel that and not be disappointed in the sequel.

If you have any additional advice on how I might deal with this pressure, I am all ears and it would be gladly appreciated.

As I type this the song “Under pressure”  is booming in my head. Time to change the tune. Help!


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