Inspirational Quotes for Readers & Writers

Inspirational Quotes for Readers & Writers

Inspirational Quotes for Readers & Writers

Wise words for the mind

Who doesn’t love quotes? Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes for readers and writers.  For me, they serve as daily reminders as to why I like to read books and write. Sometimes they can be inspirational. Giving me a little nudge when needed. Other are humorous and make me laugh.

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7 Best Selling Books That Were Rejected

Hearing the word “rejected”

An author never wants to hear the word Rejected.  After spending what may have been many years, working on a manuscript, being told your novel has been rejected can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Many writers begin to question their ability, labeling themselves as failures, not good enough, a bad writer or I don’t have what it takes.  

Some will toss their manuscript in a closet, out of mind, out of sight until they find the courage to re-submit it to another publisher. Others sadly will quit writing altogether. The pain was just too much and they don’t want to experience it again.

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