Book Review – The Green Beach Files By K. A. Perry


About the Author

K. A. Perry brings a unique perspective to her environmental thrillers. Her ability to utilize nature as the catalyst to keep her plot moving, and drive the character’s pursuit of the truth, stems from her own appreciation and love of nature. Time spent in nature is restorative for many folks, and this tenet is an underlying theme of K.A. Perry’s writing.

Although K.A. Perry grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, she now lives in Connecticut with her husband and 4 children. Her years spent practicing environmental law combined with her time spent as a math teacher have melded to create stories that at their core raise real legal issues, but on the surface are an engaging, lighthearted read.

The Synopsis of the Book

A funny, engaging legal mystery for all those who love and enjoy nature—and reading at the beach.

First, an amphibian expert is found murdered in the fancy shoreline town of Mayfield, Connecticut. Then, a second, shocking murder of a well-respected community leader occurs. Why are there murders happening in a town as peaceful as Mayfield?

Jenn isn’t the perfect clever attorney. She doesn’t love her job, has no innate ability to solve mysteries, no superpowers, and no awesome legal skills. But she does have her love and respect for nature—which tends to distract her from her legal work, yet still somehow guides her. Along with her entertaining and dysfunctional family, Jenn weaves her way into the midst of a momentous fight over land preservation.

The murders appear to be tied to the development of the largest parcel of pristine beachfront land between Boston and New York. Most folks in Mayfield want the unique beachfront preserved for the public and object to the construction of expensive homes, but are any of these folks extremist enough to murder for the environment and save coastal land? And how much will Jenn stretch the law to solve the mystery?

My Review

This is Perry’s debut novel and for a first book she did really well

I was pulled into the story immediately when the main character, Jenn discovered a body in an ice machine in the back of a bookstore. My first question was, why did the bookstore have an ice machine? It was clear it was a homicide and Jenn is on a mission to solve the case, even though she is an attorney and not a detective. But it humors the story with her interference and when a second body is discovered, the plot thickens.

This is an easy read and what I love about this book is how the author also took me on a nature excursion and described in detail the natural surroundings and environment. I learned so much.

The romance that evolved was sweet and a nice addition to the story. I highly recommend this book.

An interview with the Author.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karen on my Cuppa & A Natter (Live Chat)  show a few weeks ago.

You can watch it here.


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COVER DESIGN – 5 STARS – I love the colors of the cover, especially the bright yellow font which really grabs the attention of potential readers.   

CHARACTERIZATION – 4 STARS – I loved Jenn. She was well developed and I thought that I knew her well by the end of the book.  

STORY & PLOT 4 STARS – Great storyline and plot that moved along at a good pace. 

OVERALL RATING – 4 STARS – I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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