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Interview and Review DJ Park Author – The Mystery of the Weeping Friar

Interview and Review DJ Park Author - The Mystery of the Weeping Friar
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I just finished reading the novel The Mystery of the Weeping Friar, written by DJ Parks-a husband and wife team also know as Doug Parker and Jan Parker. I had the pleasure of interviewing the pleasant couple and write an honest review. All answers are in their own words.

About the Authors

Interview and Review DJ Park Author - The Mystery of the Weeping Friar

Copied from the back of the book –  Doug and Jan Parker (Writing under the pen name DJ Park) enjoy outdoor activities, cooking, and music. They live in southwest Colorado.

The Synopsis of The Mystery of the Weeping Friar

All is not as it appears in the art world of New Mexico – mystery surrounds the art dealers, the buyers and even the pieces of art themselves, especially the legendary religious figurine known as the Weeping Friar. In this sequel to GoneAwary Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent David Harroswen and his wife Althia “Tee” get swept up in the mysteries while visiting Tee’s sister. As more and more deadly chaos erupts Continue reading “Interview and Review DJ Park Author – The Mystery of the Weeping Friar”

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Interview with Dillon Shafer – Author of Blood Soaked Gemini

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of Reading Dillon Shafer’s debut novel “Blood Soaked Gemini”  write my own personal review and interview Dillon.

About the Author

Interview with Dillon Shafer - Author of Blood Soaked Gemini


(Copied from his author’s page on Amazon) A college student from Edmonton, Albert, Dillon made his first forays into professional writing by entering the “Writers Digest Writing Competition” in 2014. His debut novel “Blood Soaked Gemini” was published in 2016. Continue reading “Interview with Dillon Shafer – Author of Blood Soaked Gemini”

Weekly 7-day writing prompts

Weekly Writing prompts – theme ROMANCE

Weekly writing prompts – This weeks theme – ROMANCE – Be creative

Why use prompts?

Prompts are a great way to explore different writing methods, practice our weaker fields, conquer writer’s block or just think outside the box. They help you to write about different subject matter, explore your creativity and Stimulate your mind. Many times when using prompts, they can become the beginning of a great story that you never realized you had in you. You will be surprised with what you can come up with if guided by a prompt. Continue reading “Weekly Writing prompts – theme ROMANCE”

Weekly 7-day writing prompts

Monday’s writing prompts for writers & authors this weeks theme EMOTIONS

writing prompts for writers & authors this weeks theme EMOTIONS


writing prompts for writers & authors this weeks theme EMOTIONS

How it works

Welcome to this weeks 7-day writing prompts for writers. This weeks theme is all about “EMOTIONS.” Using emotions in your story adds depth to the current scene and allows the reader to identify with the character. Give reasons why the character is feeling this way prior to the actual emotion.

If a woman is feeling heart broken because of a broken relationship. Describe the relationship prior. Build up to the emotion, so the reader can relate to the way she is feeling and why.

If a person is feeling guilty. What were the previous actions? Accidental, spontaneous or deliberate. Did the character have any premeditated thoughts?

You get the idea.

When describing the emotions of a character, choose your words wisely and carefully. Emotions are best described with the usage of body language and facial expressions.

“Holding her head high, her back straight as an arrow, she walked toward the microphone owning the stage. Her stride showed confidence and power. With a warm smile, she looked directly at the audience. She showed no weaknesses. All the grueling hard work had finally prevailed and she was proud of her accomplishments. This was her moment. ”  

  Continue reading “Monday’s writing prompts for writers & authors this weeks theme EMOTIONS”

"Reckless Beginnings" Journey

Tips for holding a successful book launching party

Tips for holding a successful book launching party


Why hold a book launching party?

Now that my book is completed and is currently in the editing stages, this is a question that comes to mind frequently and I’m sure other authors ask the same question. So I will give you some answers on why you should have such a party. Below I have added some Tips for holding a successful book launching party without stress. Continue reading “Tips for holding a successful book launching party”

On writing

It takes courage to publish your first book

Finding The Courage To Publish Your First Book


Many people have an idea for a book but very few actually write one. Why?

Finding The Courage To Publish Your First Book Can be extremely hard. We often hear people say: “That would make a great book! I should write a book.” Sadly that is the beginning and end of the book idea for most people. You have to have the passion, the drive, and the commitment and be willing to dedicate hours and hours of your time to write your story. Continue reading “It takes courage to publish your first book”

A day in my Life

Feeling the pressure to write a sequel

feeling the pressure to write a sequel


feeling the pressure to write a sequel

I just reblogged a post I came across regarding the pressure of writing a sequel. I totally relate to this topic. Even though I am going through the excitement of having my first novel “Reckless Beginnings” being published, I am now dealing with anxieties to write the sequel within two years. Yes, I am definitely feeling the pressure to write a sequel.

How am I going to do this? 

I ask myself. It took me seven years to write the first book. Before then it mulled around in my head as an idea for fourteen years. I don’t want my work to deteriorate and lack in quality due to pressure from the publisher to get it done. Of course, I don’t want it to take another seven years to complete and I want to stick to my standards and work ethics.

In order to get this done in a reasonable amount of time, I need to have a plan of attack.  I need to structure my writing time more aggressively and discipline myself to spend longer hours writing, no matter what temptations allure me. My days will start earlier. Probably before sunrise when the house is quiet and I will make sure I spend at least 3-4 hours a day working on the sequel before I involve myself in other activities throughout the day.

I wrote the first book at my leisure with no pressure. When I felt like writing, I wrote. Having the pressure of being printed with a sequel in the works changes everything. I don’t want my readers to wait too long, I want to please my publisher and yet I don’t want to produce a rushed manuscript and disappoint my readers.

Quality over quantity

Yes, the pressure is defiantly on but I have to remember and keep reminding myself, “This is my book.”  This is a reflection of me and I don’t want to destroy the reputation I am trying to build by trying to rush out the sequel. Quality is important over quantity. If it takes a little longer, that is okay. I want the reader to feel that and not be disappointed in the sequel.

If you have any additional advice on how I might deal with this pressure, I am all ears and it would be gladly appreciated.

As I type this the song “Under pressure”  is booming in my head. Time to change the tune. Help!


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Monday's weekly 7-day writer's prompts
Monday’s weekly 7-day writer’s prompts
feeling the pressure to write a sequel
Tip on how to write a good book blurb
It takes courage to publish your first book
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"Reckless Beginnings" Journey

The Journey begins

Tina Hogan Grant Author book Reckless Beginnings
Tina Hogan Grant Author book Reckless Beginnings

The journey begins

My new title is Tina Hogan Grant Author book Reckless Beginnings. Yesterday I signed and mailed my contract to my publisher to begin the process of publishing my first novel “Reckless Beginnings.” Prior to this event I have been feeling elated and super excited. I received the phone call last week that my novel had been accepted for publication. Wow! They receive over 8000 manuscripts  a month and only publish 100. I felt honored and proud of my accomplishments.

I spent a week going through the contract, asking hundreds of questions, re-reading the contract, discussing it with friends and family, re-reading the contract yet again, until I finally signed it yesterday. All of a sudden in a matter of seconds, after seeing my signature at the bottom of that contract, it became real. My book is going to be published 

Since I began writing this book seven years ago I have visioned this moment so many times. The day I sign the contract.  It’s nothing like I had imagined.  I wasn’t expecting to feel so nervous and have such anxieties. It’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure. Have I lived up to the readers expectations ? What kind of reviews and feedback will I receive? These insecure feelings I am experiencing since signing the contract have me puzzled. I feel as if my confidence level has dropped a few points. I’m hoping after this finally sinks in and the SHOCK factor finally wears off that I will begin to take this in stride, instead of thinking the worst. I ask other first-time authors: while waiting for your book to be published, did you experience the same anxieties?

My publisher tell me that it will be about ten months before my book will be launched. That gives me enough time to compose myself, enjoy this fantastic moment in my life and enjoy the ride.

I will keep you posted on the events of the publishing of my book as they unfold.


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