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Monday’s Weekly 7-day writing prompts #4 Theme “Rescues”

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writing prompts for writers & authors this weeks theme RESCUES. How it works.

Welcome to this weeks 7-day writing prompts for writers. This weeks theme is all about “Rescues.” Writing about this theme is great practice for incorporating action and drama into your works. Most rescues involve suspense, anticipation, courage and most of the time a huge sigh of relief when the rescue is successful. You want to make sure the reader is feeling all of these emotions while reading your piece.

 Why use prompts?

As strange as it may seem, one of the best methods to help with writer’s block is to just write. Break yourself away from your current project and write outside the box. Explore different subject matter, avenues you not have ventured in yet. You will be surprised by how much it helps. Continue reading “Monday’s Weekly 7-day writing prompts #4 Theme “Rescues””