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Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books

Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books the great debate

Call me old-fashioned/old school but there are many reasons why I like to read printed books rather than e-books. The great debate

There is nothing like the feel of holding an actual book

When I pick up a book, I love the way it feels in my hands, the way it smells and the crisp papers yearning to be turned. When I first pick it up I study the front and back covers, flipping it back and forth. I love turning real pages, feeling the corners between my fingers as I progress through the story.

I want to be unplugged/disconnected

Everything I use during the day needs a cord or needs to be charged. The cell phone, the iPad, and the laptop. Books take me away from all of that. No need to plug it in/ charge it up or check to see if I have enough battery juice to finish my book. ( I would be so upset if it died in the middle of a really good chapter.)  I love the escape books give me from all of the technology.

Don’t have to worry about theft

 I can pretty much leave my book anywhere, in the car, on a bench at the park, on the seat in a waiting room and not have to worry about it getting stolen. It will still be there when I return. I can’t do that with an e-reader, constantly when in public I have to keep tabs on where I put it. If left alone, someone would snatch it up in a heartbeat. There goes my library of one hundred books. Yes, I can restore them from my purchase history on Amazon etc but not until I’ver forked out the expense of buying a replacement. Also, I would have to deal with contacting the retailer to block my e-reader and figure out how to restore my collection. Not an easy task. If my book was lost, very cheap and simple to replace.

I don’t want to eliminate my bookshelf

I love my book shelf in my home. It makes the room feel cozy and is defiantly a focal point in the room. It is a conversation piece, company tends to browse the books while visiting, a discussion begins about an author or a favorite book. Often they leave with books they are borrowing. Excited to get home and begin reading one. I can’t see that happening with an e-reader.

When reading a printed book I actually meet people

Yes, that’s true! I can’t tell you how many people I have met while sitting somewhere reading my printed book. Some are still really good friends today. It seems people will approach you when you are reading an actual book. They will sit next to you, see the cover and the author. Normally they will strike up a conversation by asking “Good book?” or, “Aah, James Patterson. I like him. Haven’t read that one yet. How is it?”  immediately we strike up a conversation. We have something in common, We like to read!

With e-readers or any electronic device for that matter. You’re in a bubble, you’re unapproachable. It’s like you’re wearing a sign across your forehead that reads, “Do not disturb.” It’s a shame and sad how disconnected and unsocial these electronic devices have made us.

I spend my days looking at screens and pushing buttons

Another escape books bring me, is time away from a plastic screen. Everything has a screen, it’s like you’re looking through a window at everything. A separation barrier. Books draw me in, I touch it, I feel it, I turn the pages. I’m drawn into the story more, able to connect better with the storyline. It has my undivided attention.

In fifty years my book will still be here

If I want to hang onto a book and hand it down to my grandkids, I can do that if I choose. It will still be there on my bookshelf. Can you do that with an e-book? Oh wait in fifty years it will probably be in a new format. Everything has to be changed and updated, buy new readers, new software. My book will look and feel the same and can be handed down for generations to come.

Yes defiantly give me a printed book anytime, I will enjoy it more and will probably hang onto it for a very long time.

What is your preferred method of reading?


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43 thoughts on “Why I like to read printed books rather than e-books”

  1. There really is something timeless about a book! I remember when I was a teenager and my mother brought out an old box of books she and Dad had been keeping from their earlier studies. I was fascinated by the books themselves, but also with the doodlings in the covers of Mom’s books. It was so much fun to read them and think what Mom had been doing when she was my age. You can’t get that from an e-book!

  2. I have started to buy printed book rather than digital. it gives my eyes a chance to not look at the screen all the time. There also quite special about holding a printed book and reading it. xx

  3. I do like to read an actual book as well. I have found that the E-Books are a lot cheaper though. It depends on the book for me. If it’s one that I know I will like, from a tried and true author I tend to buy the book. If it is just something to pass the time I buy the E-book. Sometimes I buy the E-book from a sale and end up going to buy the book because it is so good. I love to look through my library from time to time and see all the books I haven’t read in awhile. (I read lots and lots so I tend to forget about the ones I have read years ago).

  4. I’m with you on that one, a printed book every time. An ebook just doesnt have the same appeal to me there’s something nostalgic about a real book.

  5. Tina I agree with 100%. I love the feel of the book and the smell if it is an older one. I still read books with my kids(they are older) but we enjoy reading novels together

  6. I just gave away a whole box of my books to the chemo suite at my job, and while I’ll miss them, I’m so glad they’re being enjoyed! There’s nothing like the smell of a real book!

  7. Yes, finally someone. I absolutely agree with you. I can’t read e-books because I won’t enjoy it. I need to hold the book. If I am reading an e-book or some book on my pc I will be doing something else in 5 minutes.

  8. Im a book lover, and you write on point!
    I love reading books, flipping its pages, and even smelling its scent. It adds experience and i cant do in reading ebooks.

  9. I am so with you on this one. When I sit down with a book it’s my “me” time and you don’t get that when you have a screen in your face I feel. Plus, it gives my eyes a break!

  10. I swore I never would read a digital book, until my mom got me a reader specifically for reading (no apps or anything else!). But I do a mixture of both. I love having my favorite books on my bookshelf. It’s my collection!

    1. I know how you feel regarding bookshelves. For me they complete a room. When I do book reviews they are normally sent to me in digital format but other than that, I tend to read real books.

  11. I do both, but I prefer a physical book also. We upgraded our Kindle but it’s still not the same as a physical book.

  12. I also prefer reading and flipping the paperbacks than reading using my Kindle. Because the experience and joy of holding a book is hard to explain, plus I love smelling the paper scent. It adds to the experience.

  13. I really like reading books using printed books than e-books. I don’t really want to scroll up and down the screen of my tablet just to turn the page and what I really want in printed books is the smell of the books. LOL!!

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