Weekly 7-day writing prompts

Weekly Writing prompts – theme ROMANCE

Weekly writing prompts – This weeks theme – ROMANCE – Be creative

Why use prompts?

Prompts are a great way to explore different writing methods, practice our weaker fields, conquer writer’s block or just think outside the box. They help you to write about different subject matter, explore your creativity and Stimulate your mind. Many times when using prompts, they can become the beginning of a great story that you never realized you had in you. You will be surprised with what you can come up with if guided by a prompt.

Welcome to this weeks writer’s prompts. This weeks theme is all about “ROMANCE”

Each week I will be posting different themes, allowing you to exercise your writing technics in a wide range of fields. Try and set a goal for each story to be between 750 and 1000 words. You never know, one just may turn into a novel. Have fun! Feel free to post your stories too. I would love to read them.

 Describing love and romance in your story

The love between two people is a happy moment. Whether it is a new love, a rekindled love, or an unexpected attraction between strangers. No matter what the reader is rooting for the characters to fall in love and live happily ever after. You want to bring that into your story. Use warm, affectionate words to describe the different levels of the romance.

Descriptive words for romance

  • adored/love/loved
  • lust/want/need
  • cherished/treasure
  • gasp/breath/
  • desire/want/year/wish
  • sweep/swept/lift
  • gazed/gaze/afar/
  • tingle/touch/sizzle/spin
  • skip/skipping
  • beat/beating/heart/pounding/racing
  • soft/softness
  • lips/kiss/


Building up to the romance

When building up to the romance in your story, it has to be something the reader wants to happen and they are excited when it does. Follow these guidelines to ensure the anticipation is present between your characters.

  • Make your characters likable
  • Give them some history- maybe previous relationships – their fears
  • Explain where and how they first met – describe the attraction-was it strong-flirtatious?- were they shy?
  • Give detailed physical descriptions- what attracted each character to the other
  • Who wants who more – what are they willing to do to win the other ones love
  • Build up to the relationship/ romance
  • Make the beginning of the romance “EPIC”


Seven romantic prompts to use for different scenarios

Romance can happen at any time or any place, unexpectedly or from our secret desires. People find love at any age. These seven prompts show “finding Love” can happen anywhere. Have fun with them!


MONDAY – The first kiss

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • build up to the kiss with anticipation
  • use body language and character’s thoughts
  • where did the first kiss take place?
  • In the moment use warm sensual words – embraced -touched-soft lips


TUESDAY – A Blind date

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Who set up the blind date?
  • Where did the date take place?
  • Describe their first eye contact
  • What was their first impression of each other?


WEDNESDAY – A Marriage proposal

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Where did they meet?
  • How long have they been dating?
  • Build up to the proposal – describe his thoughts, was he nervous?
  • Where did he propose?


THURSDAY – Saying you’re sorry

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Who caused the fight and why?
  • Where were they?
  • Who made the first move to make up
  • How did they make up?


FRIDAY – Finding love after 60

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Were they high school sweethearts and found each other again?
  • where did they meet
  • How did they feel about falling in love at their age
  • Do they have children – talk about their feelings


SATURDAY – The Honeymoon

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Describe their love, relationship, and wedding
  • where did they go for their honeymoon?
  • What did they do?
  • Describe their happiness


SUNDAY – An unexpected encounter

writing prompts for writers theme romance

Pointers for your story

  • Where were they
  • What were they doing at the time they met
  • describe how they met – did they bump into each other – did one need help
  • Describe the mutual attraction


One more tip

If you find that you have more to write after reaching 1000 words. Don’t Stop! Keep going! Let your imagination write the story

I would love to hear if these prompts help you and let me know which one was your favorite. Happy writing!


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  4. I always wanted to try and write a romance story, or at least a short one. But I never know how to even get started. But know I know. I think I will give it a try!

  5. Thank you for this post. As a blog writer myself, I often forget that you can approach writing in a more scientific way, so to say. This refreshed many ideas for me.

  6. What a great article. I always want to write a romance short story but i always chicken out maybe now I may just go for it and see if its any good. thanks for the pointers.

  7. To be honest, as a blogger, the major problem I face is getting those writer juices flowing continuously and prompts are such a great idea to keep the ideas coming and romance and relationships are my niche, hope this helps me… Thank you! 🙂

  8. Awesome writing technique, i never thought of using prompts before. This will help.me to widen my writing skills. Thanks!

  9. This is a great help! Thank you for sharing some tips and tricks. Using prompts make it easier.

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  11. I’ve never really been that great with writing prompts, but I will admit that they’re great for when you need some inspiration for a post. I agree with you on the whole making the characters likable. You want the reader to feel they can relate to the characters.

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